All The Things I Hate Revolve Around Me

July 6, 2010
Okay, today (yesterday) was a pretty good day. But, I felt this stupid thought of ignorance or stubbornness. I don’t know why, but, that’s what I was thinking about. Though, I had a dream. It had something to do with some of the movie I’ve seen (like Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, Did You Hear About The Morgans, Avatar, Mission Impossible 2, Percy Jackson The Olympian the Lightning Thief, etc). One part was about these robot, blue-like creatures called the Navformers. Wait, so it’s Transformers combined with Avatar. Yeah, real exclusive mind of mine. Why couldn’t I watch Inception and than have some kind of connection with it? Ah, what the heck. Continuing on with the dream. Than, there was this type of person called a Morgassionthief. Okay, I’m really impressed. Than they were including all these other movie names I never even watched or knew of. Like for example, Transformers the third hasn’t come out. But, I’m already getting thousands of assumptions what’s going to happen. I thought the first movie was good but the second movie was bleh. It had too much violence and too little talk. I love talking and so do I like violence or action, but, without talking, the movie just sounds worthless.

Well, when I woke up, Rachael and Anabelle were asleep. I thought I woke up early or before they would wakeup and scream the heck out of me. But, I also realized Patricia and Alexandra was awake. And Matthew wasn’t in his bed. Strange. But, very logical. Rachael and Anabelle have been screaming through their lungs for about a week or so, so, I guess they’re going to take a break for today. But, believe me, they’re going to wake up and scream, at the top of their lungs tomorrow. Afterwards, we were able to get out of the room and take a deep breath. But, Anabelle and Rachael ran to my mother and asked if they could jump in the pool. Man, these girls are like little fireballs always active and ready to play with. Once, they got in the pool. I was convincing myself I didn’t want to go in the pool. Though, my mother asked me if I wanted to go in the pool. I annoyingly said no to her. She completely understood. But, she wasn’t happy about it. She knew all I could do was play video games or get along with Joshua. Mostly playing video games. Afterwards, my mom’s prediction was correct. I asked if I could play some Guitar Hero World Tour. Here’s another crappy thing. Guitar Hero World Tour is the only game I enjoy playing on the Wii. The rest is just babyish games under E+10 or about that rating.

While I was playing I unlocked some albums and luckily, a Muse song called Assassin. Here’s the video. I just hope I chose the right video, because right now I’m out of audio.

Once, I finished playing which was about 2 hours after my mom left, my brother ended up playing the Wii, except on Wii Sports. If he wants to be a man, he should be doing REAL sports. Not VIRTUAL sports. The reason I do virtual guitar because one: I’m in Florida and my guitar is back at home. Two: I only have an acoustic guitar not electric guitar. Three: it’s not even mine. Four: Guitar Hero encourages me into playing guitar. Well, once I finished one of Alexandra’s friends showed up. His name was Nathan, but, it looked as if he was looking for Alexandra. She wasn’t hear because they were at this fashion store. He decided to stay for awhile. Well, it looked as if he stayed during the whole lunch time and the World Cup. Oh and FYI, it was Netherlands against Uruguay. I was routing for Uruguay but, FREAKING Netherlands won. Eventually, Nathan left 15 minutes before Alexandra came home. They showed off these cool belts I was even impressed with. But, than, Rachael asked if she could go in the pool. AGAIN. I thought I was going to bore my self. But, it was fun.

We barely got to do anything, I was also blamed for kicking a girl in between the legs. Very rude. The day ended boringly.

2 comments on “All The Things I Hate Revolve Around Me

  1. ImUmPh says:

    Nice imagination about navformers. :lol
    Two great movies to be one. It’s sound funny. 😛

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