What A Day

July 3, 2010
I had a dream, a romance and a weird one. For some reason I was dreaming about catching this lady crook. She had red hair, freckles, jeans and a sweater, I couldn’t picture her eyes. But, she looked familiar. When, I caught her. I chained her. Than for some stupid reason asked her to kiss me or love me. She kissed me, than kicked me in the stomach. She ran away. That was really weird. I could actually picture her face as someone I saw in real life. That was the creepy part. Once I woke up, I got annoyed AGAIN by Rachael and Anabelle. I really hated the fact I was interrupted. I was in the middle of a dream I’ve seen before.

Well, I wasn’t going to let a little dream interruption ruin my day. So, I imagined about being in the this fantasy. Now, I don’t usual do this stuff. But, what other option did I have? Unfortunately, I got interrupted by Alexandra. That’s when I knew my day was going to end miserably. No hope at all! But, my mo out of now where said we were going to Goodwill. A furniture store mostly. But, as I see it, Goodwill is the place that shows me and reminds me of how ugly people can be. Luckily, my dad read me a book. It took my mind off the ugliness. Eventually, we left along with buying the book. And also buying a speech book that will help me talk socially with people. Once we got home, we saw some people I were familiar with. But, that didn’t bother me.

I eventually figured out we were having a babysitter. They were good babysitters actually. We got along just fine with talks and laughs. I mentioned my CRCT and other fun things. Than, we were sent to sleep. Day ended. Chao!


6 comments on “What A Day

  1. sasammygirl says:

    …? Goodwill is a facility that people go to when they want to give their old, used, or unwanted items to charity. It’s not a furniture store. And what did you mean when you said “…how ugly people can be.”?

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I believe that but, I usually only see furniture and clothes. I’m talking about, I think the world isn’t that bad, but everything that looks bad on humans shows up on me when I go there. I don’t know why.

      • sasammygirl says:

        Well, thats because all the people you see in there can’t afford nice things like you can. Understand? They’re poor thats why they’re looking through a store that you give stuff away to for charities, etc.

      • Andrew says:

        That makes perfect sense Sammy, but, just so you know, even people that are rich like me go there. But, I understand your fact. 😀

  2. Eugen says:

    Yes Andrew I totally understand what you mean about the ugly people … especially when they give you that look that turns you into a ball of frustration for a couple of seconds !
    Thats why I do not like hanging around in Goodwills stores …. well some times is hard to avoid it Susan likes to relax in this kind of stores its like some kind of therapy for her scrambling true the piles of stuff while I watch the electronics section thinking for how long we gonna be stuck inside the store … eventually not for long this time.
    Next time try to find some nice people in the store , there are still some around if you look closely !!

    • Andrew says:

      Thank you, I don’t want to offense other people, but that’s the truth. Yeah that happens. Lol. Hahaha, same thing with me. Therapy? Okay, but I only stay in the store around 2 or 3 hours. Even then it’s hard to solve your problems. Hmm… I only find the kids more attractive than the grownups, but I’ll try. 🙂

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