It’s Something Unpredictable But In The End It’s Right

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I’m sorry I had to skip 2 days, I’ve been busy, I wish I could cram down all my business into 5 hours so I’ll have enough time to post everyday. I will talk about yesterday. So, skipping 2 days was a hard decision for me. I’d also wish my days were a little more interesting for people to read. Oh man, I also forgot to change my subtitle. Well, just changed it now. Sorry, for that notice. 😦

July 2, 2010
I don’t really remember my dream, so, I’m not going to mention it. But, when I was sleeping, I was interrupted by Rachael and Anabelle. I wondered how could Alexandra, Matthew and Patricia take all that noise. But, I noticed they were awake. But, they isolated themselves. I don’t know how, but they were able to do it. I tried to tell Rachael and Anabelle to be quiet. But, they ignored me like I was a fly on the wall. Well, if they wanted ignore me in that sense of Metaphor, I’ll as might be the fly that buzzes around them. I hit Anabelle, which was stupid, but good at the same time. It shut her up. But, Rachael was still making this weird chuckling noise. I knew I couldn’t punish Rachael because she wasn’t part of my family. So, I would only say out loud to be quiet or at least say I would tell her mom. Luckily, Rachael was able to shut up for 15 minutes than went back to her playing. I got a headache eventually, but, I was able to watch and isolate my self just like Alexandra, Matthew and Patricia did.

Unfortunately, my dad got out of the room and told us to e quiet or our mom was going to wake up. But, I was in a bad mood. So, I yelled at him and said I didn’t care. Luckily, I told it to my dad. Even though my dad doesn’t like comments like that, he tries to explain to me the problem. He never hits me. Even though he should. He rarely beats me or my family members. But, he does yell at me when I come at him with stupidity. Afterwards, we watched the world cup. Especially with this friend of Eugen called Sebastian. We watched how Ghana lost to Uruguay. That was actually a big surprise. Sebastian is actually this kind of camera expert. So, my dad discussed with Sebastian about the lenses and how you use it. Unfortunately, Sebastian’s son and Joshua were bending with me. Joshua is Fire bending and so is Sebastian’s son. I was water just for the heck of it.

Eventually, we had to go to the ocean. It looked really cold outside. So, I was predicting it was going to rain. My prediction was incorrect. It turned sunny when we parked. But, then rained when we set our things for the Ocean. The rain was so hard it looked as if Poseidon sent Percy Jackson to start a tsunami. Lol. But, we all looked normal. We were fishing, swimming in the water and all that stuff. The waves spread up to 5 feet high. But, I was able to go 21 feet away from shore. The waves were big. So, we were all convinced this was the best job an Ocean. Besides the destructive waves. Unfortunately, the waves were so strong it lifted my legs up and pulled me in the Ocean. It flipped Matthew and threw Patricia against the shore. My mom had to stay under a blanket. But, she was really cold. So, she said we were leaving, just when my dad was about to reel in a 4th catfish.

Once, we got back home my rice were 93% ready for harvesting, my peach tree was ready for harvesting as the same for my Apple tree. I finally checked my Farmville and Facebook to see if it was okay. But, my Strawberries withered. I forgot it takes only 2 hours for Strawberries to be ready. We were sent to bed and we talked until 11 struck at night. We fell asleep then, feeling fulfilled with happiness. 🙂


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  1. It?s Something Unpredictable But In The End It?s Right…

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