Next Day On Vacation Was Okay

June 28, 2010
Okay just in fact. The rest of the mornings were boring. We had to stay always in our rooms until Alexandra’s (my sister’s [Patricia) friend) mom and my mom were awake. Okay, maybe I could understand that. There are 7 kids and only 4 grownups. So, there’s a lot of kids to take care of. But, you can trust an 11 year old like me. Right? 😆 Continuing on with the morning. We all were stored in a room for about, 20 or 30 minutes. But at first it felt as if it was an hour which almost killed me. I’d actually never find out whether I was going to survive or not. Than, enough noise from my sister and her friend woke up my mom and Alexandra’s mom. So, as long as we keep up the noise we’ll be able to wake up around 6 in the morning. :mrgreen: After the parents woke up, we had breakfast, except outside. Because Alexandra’s mom’s house got infected with these things called carpenter ants which I’m still trying to look up. So, her mom is trying to stay away with food falls in the house.

We stayed in the pool for awhile. Than got so bored!!!! The only thing we could think of was playing Guitar Hero or the other games we enjoyed. After awhile the rest of us kids tried to convince the parents to play video games. Eventually, we convinced them. I looked for Guitar Hero so Eugen (Alexandra’s dad) could rock and roll with me. But it was for some reason lost! I’d never knew I had to experience this. But I lost it. I totally flipped out and so did Eugen. But, my mom said to calm down because she was letting me buy another one, she’d even let me buy the other levels of Guitar Hero. As long as it was 30 dollars or less. We were able to buy Guitar Hero World Tour instead which had lots of songs my mom knew. My mom actually enjoyed the game better than the last one. The day actually ended with nothing to spare just continuous video game playing. So, yeah, short day! 😀


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