It All Mattered About The Vacation

June 26, 2010
(Note: I’m posting from another computer from another house. So, I’ll pray to God to hope the connection will work as quick and bright as possible) Okay, this is how the day started. I was in my bed. Feeling completely clean and vivid. I didn’t moan so much which was a surprise and I didn’t have any problems with sleep. Just a comfortable morning wakeup. Now, I didn’t know it was Saturday until my sister (Patricia) came downstairs and mentioned about the Saturday cartoons. I felt so sorry for myself. I was going to abandon my friends and leave my house. Hmm… no, I’m going to be happy leaving my friends and my house. Because this is the place were I get respect as a Romanian. Let me check in with you on some information. My friends call Romanians, terrorists, I have no idea how they came up with that stupid idea. But, somehow in their dimwitted brain they had that thought. They also say, or I think they say Romanians have a weird accent. Hey! Don’t judge our culture. These are all reasons why I want to leave this neighborhood (hell) and start a new life.

Anyways, we watched our Saturday cartoons and soon enough got bored. After that, my mom asked us to clean up the house. No way was I going to work while my mom watches TV. But, my mom actually came upstairs to support us. Not just relax. Okay, now, when my mom was taking care of my room, she was doing it too quickly. I couldn’t catch up with her. So, that left me cleaning nothing except some part of the bookshelves and the floor. Well, I was expecting my mom in the Future to hold it as a grudge whenever I whine not to clean up my room. Than, I was already feeling guilt. Don’t know how that happened. But, I felt cleanliness guilt. We all had to clean up to go on vacation and I was barely doing anything. Later on, when we were done with my sister’s room and My room we went downstairs. That’s when my mom gave m the assignment to vacuum every part of this house. My room, my sister’s (Patricia) room, my mom’s room, the leaving room and the hallways. Well, I got what I deserved. Lol. Nothing can change the fact that my job was a pretty hard and cruel punishment.

Once, we were done. My mom started to get angry. So, whenever she would ask for something in a yelling tone we would move as quick as possible to get what she wanted. What the? We had to help her stack the Mexican Train. Then, my mom and I watched some Royal Pains for an hour. Now, our brake was an hour. It was either waste my time watching a doctor movie for an hour or find something to do. Royal Pains was the first answer to my mind. After our brake we checked what was wrong and right. Than, called my dad to say his lunch was ready. From the looks of it, I thought we didn’t clean our house properly. But, if it was done, it was done. Once we stacked up all the luggage for our 10 hour trip, the back stack fell out. Savino and King laughed and acted like it was a joke after all it was their fault. They leaned on the luggage. Well, Savino did. We all assumed we ruined our perfect vacation. But, my mom said to take things easy. We’ve done this trip thing to Florida 5 or 6 times. Once we got off the neighborhood Savino and King sang this song: (lyrics) na na na na, na na na na, hey, goodbye. That was a pretty stupid excuse for their happiness I was gone. The day went on in the car and we fell asleep. :mrgreen:


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