Oh Why Did Friday Have To Be The Bad Day?

June 25, 2010
Okay, this is how my day started. I was upstairs, groaning to myself. Than, I woke up, but, felt delusional. I don’t know why. But, I felt delusional in some sort of sick way. What the heck was wrong with me during the morning? How, could I wake up and feel delusional at the same time around 4 in the morning. I tried to ignore that. So, I left my room and went downstairs. The scary thing was it was really dark. I also heard noises in my house. So, it already gave me thousands of thoughts what was going on. I also had this feeling inside me that wanted to feel paranoid or scared. I tried not to feel paranoid because my mom gave me her blessing when I was grounded last week. But, I was able to manage the paranormal out of my mind and I was okay. I took care of my farm and got the early morning things done.

Unfortunately, when I was only in my underwear and covered by my blanket my uncle Vitalie. His friend Tolea also came along. I was embarrassed because they saw me and started laughing. Curse my early wake ups. My uncle and his friend stayed at my house until the world cup Brazil and Portugal fight was done. So, they stayed about 96 minutes tops. But, I was routing for Brazil anyways. Oh and FYI my brother decided to play the computer through the World Cup. We’re usually only allowed to play an hour tops. Unless we were grounded longer than expected. I asked if I could use Guitar Hero 3. But, my dad said no because they were watching and because he didn’t want me to play in the morning. Well, curse that phrase.

Afterwards, I played and got freaking bored!!! Boredom struck again. Well, I went outside to see King and Savino outside. See, King is one of my friends on Facebook now. We’re also neighbors. So, we’ve been planning what to do as neighbors. I thought by the way Savino was listening to us, we sounded gibberish to him. But I didn’t care. Sooner, my mom really wanted me to go outside. Especially the rest of the family. I didn’t want to. So, I came inside. My dad was already gone for some reason. I came to the kitchen to get pizza and eat in the leaving room. But, I forgot to put a plate. My dad came when I was about to get a plate. We yelled. Well, he yelled at me. I whimpered. He was yelling at me so much today. 😦 Though, it was my fault.

I watched a movie to find Simon wanting to come inside. We stayed inside and than ran away from King and Savino. Than, came back. We did a pretty good racket. Than, Nicholas came outside like he was the cool guy. Well, I had a problem with that. Than, Alicia came outside to me. I ignored her after all the using she did. I just feel sorry for taking her mother’s trust and than figuring out Alicia is using us. Another thing, when she came down the street. She saw we had Popsicles so she asked for one like she was supposed to have it. We all knew what she does, so, we ignored her. The weird thing was she said that my sister committed forgetting a thing. Maybe she did, but Savino said where she last left it. I asked Alicia where’d she leave it. She was confused for a few questions. Than, Alicia said she left it in her house. Alicia really looked like she had nothing to say. So, I already knew she stole it. When Alicia went near my house she asked if she could go inside my house. My sister pretended to ask my mom and she said no. But, it looked like Alicia wasn’t taking “no” as an answer. She barged inside our house and asked my sister to ask again. My sister ACTUALLY asked and my mom said no. But, instead Alicia went even deeper in the house without permission. I wanted to say beat it. But, she wouldn’t listen. We got into a fight. A long one.

Afterwards, I watched War of the Worlds for the first time. I read the book. But, I thought the movie was scarier and more bloodier. It was a compelling movie to watch. But, I stood it just fine. The day ended in peace. 🙂


11 comments on “Oh Why Did Friday Have To Be The Bad Day?

  1. Daiichi says:

    Nice Post.. ^_^ Hope U get what u want..

  2. Asop says:

    Wow, that Alicia…. 😮 sorry, who is she? ❓

    Ouw, don’t only assume friday as a bad day, Andrew. I think monday is my bad day. 😆

  3. Dyta Harleems says:

    hi andrew ..

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