Can There Be Any Good In This World?

June 23, 2010
Great, in the next 3 days were going to Florida. Now, I can’t tell you how long the vacation is going to take. But, I can still tell you I’m going to Florida. Right? I’m pretty sure I could wait 3 days for some awesome, sweet and tight entertainment. I don’t need any pressure on myself. No need for that. I’m just, single-handedly waiting for those 3 evil days to end (nervous laugh). Again no pressure. Anyways, today I had to take a test in my brain. It was basically the test of Science. I tried remembering the 5 atmospheric layers. Well, I passed it, aced it, did it, done it. Well, if you’re curious to know the answer, here are the answers: first layer the bottom layer is Troposphere, next is Stratosphere, in the middle is Mesosphere, next is Thermosphere and the top layer is Exosphere. Now, after my test I went on the computer to take care of my Farm on Farmville. I tried to relax myself after Farmville by eating breakfast. Sometimes I take breakfast as a meditation. To calm my troubles. Also, before that, I pray to God which also protects me, cares for me and keeps me from evil.

Well, after the breakfast, I eventually went back on the computer. Then, by the next 15 minutes Michael and Daniel came downstairs. They knew, well actually Michael I was on the computer. I tried to tell them to do something else like play the Wii and mind their own freaking business in body language. But, I didn’t think they got it. Later on, Michael challenged me to a few games. Then, when my mom was awake and the birds were about to sing. Mr. Kristian (Daniel and Michael’s dad) came in to pick them up. Well, that looks like that will be the last time I see Michael while were at Florida. Lol. Well, they left without a trace. Thus, I was bored the rest of the day. I already wasted my game time in the morning. So, the rest of the afternoon hours were pretty boring.

Well, today Simon called and said he needed the bass he let me borrow back. So, the difficult part was that I had to hold the 14 pound bass in the air with the 3 pound stand across 43 yards. Well, what the hell was that for? I tried to ask why was I brought this. Than, I thought I should’ve asked Simon to come over my house to help me. Though, it was already too late for that. I was bringing it. Once I got to his house he rewarded me with letting him come inside. We had fun, wrestled, joked around, watched Animal Planet. The annoying part was that my brother tagged along. I smacked him in face because he’s always wanted to do whatever he wants and he gets it. Matthew almost started crying. Which annoyed me. Than, later on, I left. The day ended with a single quiet time. Everybody was also insulting me. So, I wasn’t good neither was the neighbors. Well, that’s life. 🙂


6 comments on “Can There Be Any Good In This World?

  1. Keping Hidup says:

    ha.. ha your nervous laugh like this 😦 or like this 🙂 – happy holidays to Florida

  2. Keping Hidup says:

    Hey be nice to your brother – this is your Dad voice 😀

  3. Usup Supriyadi says:

    happy holidays to Florida, Andrew 😀

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