It’s All About Best Friends

June 23, 2010
Well, today (yesterday) I was actually supposed to find something to do on the TV, because, today is the day Lost used to shoot it’s horrifying, interesting and breathtaking shows. But there was no stinking show to watch. So, I got completely ticked off. At least there were some Nanny and Big Bang Theory episodes from yesterday (2 days ago) recorded so we could watch it. Unfortunately, the room cleared when my mom started watching the Nanny. It got a little too, mature for us. In some sort of ways. When I was about to come into absolute defeat. I remembered I called Michael yesterday (2 days ago) to sleepover. I tried remember more details. Than, I remembered they would come around 11 in the morning. Right now it was about 8 in the morning. Well, that was a bummer, I thought it was 10 in the morning by now. So, I knew that both I was overreacting about no show to watch for about 2 or 3 hours and it was going to take awhile for Michael and Daniel to get here.

By the time it was 11 in the morning Michael and Daniel wasn’t here. Well, that’s Michael, he’s sometimes late. On the other hand, we sometimes come earlier than expected or just come really late. Well, that’s our family. We are taken for granted. Lol. Well, they finally got at my house. But. Matthew spotted them first. Which ticked me off. I’m always trying to notice Michael and Daniel first. I have no freaking idea why, I just have the feeling. Well, I saw that Matthew was actually telling the truth. But, I didn’t want to go outside in that hot weather. So, I decided to continue watching with my dad the World Cup. I think it was France and some other country in South Africa. Once Michael came inside the house, we started making jokes. I laughed my head off. I was read still laughing and also tearing if you please. After all that happened I started thinking of this song called It’s Not My Time from Three Doors Down. Here’s the song: Sorry it got skinny. :mrgreen:

While Michael and my sister (Patricia) were playing with each other., Daniel and I were smack talking in a funny way, making rude jokes and comments about each other. Even though it’s rude, it makes you feel alive once in awhile. Don’t you think? Well, during one of our jokes Daniel put a few songs like Tik Tok, What do you want from me?, Replay on his Dsi. I have no idea how he got a Itunes account but the songs were fine by me. Than, I constantly asked if he had the band Lamb of God because I was bored. Later on, Daniel and I played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on our Dsi. Well, I don’t have a Dsi, I only use my brother’s. Anyways, we finally had the courage to play with King and Savino. Than, I started remembering things. I asked King if I could use his phone. But he said it was about to die. Eh? Looks like it’s another excuse from King. But, I do that to. So, it doesn’t really matter.

We had some pretty fun`things to do. Savino got his butt kicked by Michael and Daniel. Than, we started talking smack to King. In our neighborhood, that’s just a regular thing. And we act like that’s a tradition. Well, once we move I’m going to start a more appropriate tradition. Which means, this neighborhood will rot without good and that’s Simon, kind of King, Logan, Tina, Frankie and me. Anyways, we finally got to go inside and I play an impossible Guitar Hero song called through the fire and the flames by Dragon force. Interesting, I beat it. The day went on and so on.

Note: Michael made this joke up: Why did King bury his phone? Because it DIED! 😆
New updates for my farm: Here’s photo from yesterday night:
This a new update of my farm this morning around 4 in the morning:
New update of my farm around 10 in the morning:


7 comments on “It’s All About Best Friends

  1. Keping Hidup says:

    Hi ANdrew! nice to know you – from now on i’ll read your story

    King burried his phone? maybe he wish it will grow to be a smart phone 😀

  2. Usup Supriyadi says:

    Why did King bury his phone? Because it DIED! 😆

  3. ImUmPh says:

    I like Here Without You by Three Doors Down. 😀

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