The Events That Took Place Watching The Movie “Alice In WonderLand”

I actually saw this movie just yesterday. Blimey it was interesting. Though, it wasn’t one of my favorite movies this year, so, I won’t define this as the movie special for this year. Anyways, this is how the whole movie started. There were these men, talking about doing these 6 sort of impossible things. The man with that idea was called crazy. But, not meanly and not nicely either. Just in the middle of the conversation Alice pops in. Now, I didn’t know at first that girl was Alice until the man took her to bed and helped her with her problem. My mom started giving suggestions that girl was Alice’s sister. Well, she totally confused me. The good thing was: she didn’t do it on purpose. But if she did. This subject would’ve gone longer than expected and more hurtful. I don’t know if I was more dimwitted watching this show and acting like a brat. Well, it didn’t occur to me whether I was a brat or not. I was enjoying the movie now. So, I don’t need it ruined.

The thing that sucked was, I had to watch with my mom new movies every time. Luckily, my mom watched it became freaky and well delusional to me. So, if your a dark magician trying to look for a movie that has something to do with proving dark magic not dangerous. This is definitely not the movie you want to watch. Anyways, moving on with the movie. Once, Alice is shown in her teen ages she looks pale. I’m talking REALLY pale. I don’t get how the other people either don’t notice or don’t mind. Well, it best described crazy dreams. Then, she’s in this machine carrier that’s powered by horses. In there she discusses with her mother about what she was wearing. I kind of felt sorry for Alice if I was in her shoe. But, that’s the way their nation worked with un-married, young and easy to fool girls. Well, guess what? Here in America we live for our civil rights. I just guess people haven’t fought for their rights there yet. Hmm… Well, after the ride Alice was sent on this wedding party and she was being told what to do by a lady (she’s the mother of the son who wants to marry Alice). Then, when she was sent to her future boyfriend for a dance, she was talking nonsense and that didn’t please the boy. So, basically he was just bothering her around. Then, she noticed this rabbit when she was discussing the marriage with the guy’s mother and when the wedding went on. Afterwards, Alice fell in a pit where the rabbit was.

This all happened so fast. Once she got through this weird door. Alice saw these un-likely creatures. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, the hare I guess, some colorful talking flowers, a smoking caterpillar, a hatter, another hare that was crazy and really twitchy, a 4 foot wide headed heart queen, a little fighting mouse, a dragon named the Jabberwocky, this weird dance called the Fudderwack. There were so much complicated names I don’t even know how I could process all through my mind.

That’s all for now, bye.

14 comments on “The Events That Took Place Watching The Movie “Alice In WonderLand”

  1. Ifan Jayadi says:

    It’s like open memories when I have to read about Alice In Wonderland movie review. When i was kid, i saw Alice cartoon like a princess who searc happines in another world

  2. kawanlama95 says:

    wah translet dulu dah, met pagi. sepertinya senang ya dengan film2 sejenis ini.salam sehat

  3. Usup Supriyadi says:

    I wish you a good boy, not naughty. :mrgreen:

    yet another fantasy story.

    must have your mind occupied with a variety of imagination.

    I think it interesting to watch the movie with the family. 😀

    I await the next story. 😉

    • Andrew says:

      Ah, I wish that too. I didn’t think this counted as a fantasy. I’m talking about events that happened in REAL life. My mind is always occupied with things to do. I do too, but hey, I’m 11 years old. I think I should be able to watch new movies by myself. For example, when I was 10, I was allowed to watch I am Legend by myself the first time. Get it? Well, that’s coming out on Tuesday. 🙂

  4. ahsanfile says:

    Kucingnya serem banget mas…

    eh udah ada yang masang link downloadnya belom ?


  5. Hmmmm. First off, some poeple are REALLY pale. It’s how they are. Saying it was weird is like saying black people or asian people or white people are weird. Second, this is not how it is current day. It is more an oldish time thought in a more modern setting. Nice post, but I wouldve loved more opinion less plot.

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I see that most often. Correct and correct. Lol. 😀 I wasn’t saying it in the mean way. Look, I’m just saying I don’t feel comfortable being around pale people. It just reminds of vampires. But, doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with those kind of people. I just don’t feel comfortable around that paleness all the time, that’s by my opinion. Current meaning it was the first post showing up at my blog when I told you it was current. I said everything by my opinion.

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