What Do You Call A Person That Sleeps With The Same Blanket And Pillow He Had Around 3?

June 13, 2010
Okay, this may sound embarrassing. But, I’m going to tell you. I’m a goth geek, that is strong and cute in my neighborhood. But, do you wanna know my biggest secret? Here it goes, I’m one of those people that actually sleep with the same blanket and pillow they had when they were babies. Does that mean there’s something wrong with that person. Do I have a malfunctioned brain or something? I want to know by your perspective. Not just the public perspective. The correct, not teasing perspective. See, the reason I sleep with my own blanket is because it got so comfortable when I was about… 4! Before that, I used to sleep with this lion blanket, (which I sometimes still do) it was about the size of two mattresses. But, I started to get fevers when I was around it. It was a blanket that always kept me hot. Now, everybody, except my family members think I’m cold-blooded or they are just saying that sarcastically. Lol. Anyways, I even think I’m cold-blooded. I always want to be around cold and my temperature always changes around the climates I’m around. That’s how I became to like my blanket. My favorite now! 😛

Now, continuing on with the day. When I woke up, I noticed I was wearing a Pokemon shirt. It had lots of colors just so you know. But, besides that, the weird part was, I was weak for a moment. Then, when I started thinking, I just remembered I took off my shirt last night (2 nights ago). I had no idea why was a shirt that I didn’t even wear last week was on me. It was confusion. Then, my brain said something was in my mouth. I thought I was going crazy. But, something was in my mouth. It was a red piece of one of our blankets. Hmm… suspicious and yet it pisses me off. If I’m phys chic. Then, I would avoid my brain as much as possible. Or I may commit suicide. Lol. I would do anything not to become phys chic. I’m a Christian. Not a magician or a hetro person. Oh and FYI, sleeping with the blanket I like is kind of lime a lucky charm that blocks most nightmares. Also God helps me through. 🙂

After the morning, I ended not playing Wii for the rest of the day because my mom is against the fact that guitar hero 3 is fun. She banned me from playing several times a week. I’m only allowed to play it once a week or two if I can trick her. Lol. I try to keep my cool when I’m not around Guitar Hero 3. So, I was vulnerable to falling to pieces. Anyways, I felt like staying in my bed. But my mom interrupted and we had to go to church around the 11 o’ clock service. So, I had to wait after the first service was over. Which was so, boring. My dad’s actually the leader of the host team which was a big thing. After church, it was all over. I had to stay inside for the whole day because nobody was outside. Razvan and Alina came over to have their discussion. he rest of the day went and it was pretty good. 🙂


12 comments on “What Do You Call A Person That Sleeps With The Same Blanket And Pillow He Had Around 3?

  1. Gil says:

    It’s perfectly fine to have a favourite bedtime toy (or blanket). Most people still cherish theirs.

    • Andrew says:

      Did you mean to spell favorite incorrectly? Ah whatever. Thanks for the tip, I thought it was embarrassing. But, I wanted to ask you guys. Really, haven’t heard of people storing their favorite blankets, but, okay.

  2. Its not incorrect andrew, its the Brit/Canadian spelling. If anything its more correct. But let’s not get into that.
    And, of course its fine! I know tons of people who do. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of it. Anyone who is mean to you about it is a jerk. If you think about it, what’s wrong with it? It’s still the same blanket whether you bought it when you were a baby or last week.
    Second paragraph- that was weird….

    • Gil says:

      Thanks WC 🙂 I was just about to say “Whoops my bad” 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Okay it makes perfect sense now. 😀 I never thought Canadian would have to be tht spelling. Lol. Oh, good, I embarrass myself because all the people in my neighborhood just uses like, a grownup blankets. No graphic or babyish kind. That’s why I was embarrassed. That makes a good metaphor. I think. 😕

      What was weird?

    • DAW saying I am a good fried? FRIEND not fried…. WELL thanks!

      blushing 😳 blushing

  3. Of course not! one of my friends still has his baby blanket! If you told your friends they might laugh at you but you can ignore it. If one of your friends laughs at you because of it they are not a true friend.
    Hope this helped! 🙂

  4. Usup Supriyadi says:


    It all went back to their individual, Andrew.

    Other people, other views.

    well, clothes you’d be so funny? : Lol:

    Eh, Andrew, you know, I also love to muse band and The Beatles 😉

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