Hello peoples, welcome to my contest. Get ready to start!!! :mrgreen:

3 questions you have to answer.

1st question: which Guitar Hero do I play?

2nd question: which holiday starts with a good morning in me? Wedding Day, Memorial Day or Passover Day?

3rd question: how many posts are in the category good days?

1st prize: 1 webkinz item

2nd Prize: advertisement for free.

3rd Prize well, nothing…

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6 comments on “Contest!

  1. Nuug (also my wwid) says:

    Here are my guesses:

    1. You play ********
    2. The holiday taht starts with a good morning for you is *******!
    3. There are currently (as of June 12, 2010), 10 posts under the “Good Days” category.

    Also, I am humbled that you consider me one of your favorite commenters! Thanks! I shall comment more now. I bookmarked your blog so I can come back regurlarly. Thanks for another cool contest! Hope I got ’em right!

    A recap of today’s events: I got my first hair cut in four years, and I am in the process of donating it to a foundation that makes wigs for kids with cancer, called Wigs for Kids. I had a huge dinner, and said good bye to my uncle who will be leaving tomorrow at 4:30 AM back to England. Then I came here and wrote this comment and now I am going to bed. G’night!

    • Andrew says:

      Oh first one is correct. The second one. Well, you failed the 3rd one. But good job. You passed it. You get 2 webkinz items. Did you like the items I gave you last time? Yeah, now, I regret having bad remarks about you. So, I guess we’re friends. Oh, wig for the kids sounds pretty interesting. Though, the only haircuts I take are Korean and Japanese haircuts. Lol.

      • Nuug (also my wwid) says:

        Ooo, didn’t see the Older Posts button! That means that there are currently (as of June 13, 2010), ***** posts filed under the Good Days category!

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah it’s okay. You got your prizes. Are you happy? 🙂

  2. Nuug (also my wwid) says:

    Yes I am happy! I always need to finish things I start!

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