I’m TV Lover, Always…

June 10, 2010
Yeah, as you can see, I love watching TV. Lol. It’s just the only thing I usually find entertaining then the computer. What else can I do? I barely have friends in my neighborhood nor can I wait ti’ll one of my actual friends ask for a play date or a sleepover. Like come on! That’s so pathetic. I’m always the one trying not to be pathetic or stupid in a dimwitted way. But sometimes I do have which makes me stupid. But being pathetic is an action I try to avoid. Also FYI, I have developed some logic as I explained in my other post I sucked at that objective. But, I have developed some logic that helps me beat my own dad to watch TV, or is that my mom doing that?

Anyways, I’m going to start with my dream. I was dreaming of my mom and dad taking a picture of someone at the theater. There was a couple with only 2 kids. The 2nd one was a girl and the 1st one was a boy. The girl looked over me and twitched her eye. When the picture just came out she ran to me and said she wanted to show me something. We went outside the theater and found ourselves in a jungle. the only way out of the jungle was to jump on the 70 story high 5 foot thick branches. I thought this was crazy. But, I saw a little smile of excitement. She went back into the theater except at the top of the building. The little girl opened a window and flew right out the window. That was crazy, I wanted to do that too. So, I jumped out and started to fly. Fly!!!!!!!! This was so crazy. I would jump over branch over branch and get farther into the woods. Then finally I caught up with the girl. Just when I touched her the dream was over. Lol. That was pretty awesome.

Well, I sounded happy for awhile in the morning. But I knew it was time to go back to reality. Not fantasy. I became unhappy again and went downstairs. I went on the computer, got bored… and tried find something to do. Then, my brother came downstairs with his blanket and laid down on the coach. He already knew what I was doing. I was going on my blog. He even said it out loud. That’s why you can never trust siblings. Basically my whole family knows I have a blog. Well, when finally Patricia came, she asked if we could watch TV, but I thought adult swim was still on. Well, if King of the Hill is on, I wanna watch it. I get tense watching King of the Hill. But adult swim had already passed. Just when we turned to nickelodeon or may I say Nick Jr. we started booing and cursing at Dora the Explorer. Lol. That’s what we Paladie families do. Now, we sometimes boo at Diego the animal hunter or whatever his name is. But, we use to watch it. When we were about our kindergarten age.

After morning, Savino came and rang on our doorbell. I didn’t want to answer right now. So, my sister Patricia answered and officially wanted to go outside. Oh I just hate that action she does. Whenever she has the option to go outside., she’d rather go outside. It gets me angry. Anyways, I soon came outside, got hot and went back inside. I noticed my mom was watching the Nanny. It’s an interesting show. It is the funniest Nickelodeon show besides Malcom in the Middle. If you’re interested in the Nanny those are the main characters you need to know about. Lol.

Well, I went back outside. Noticed that Simon’s cousin was staying over and his name was Micheal, the same name as my best friend’s name. Then, we started bugging each other like crazy. I got kicked out for no reason. Simon yelled at Savino for throwing his chair down and doing nothing. I got sent back home. Matthew was actually playing Guitar Hero. Pretty cool. I tried a few songs, mom said I had to read in order to play. SO, it took me 3 hours to decide. I did read. Had fun than challenged Micheal to a fight, everybody was hurting me when I already had Micheal to take on, Simon would just step on head. I’d kick him either in the butt of his thing. He would hit me back like I hit him for no reason. Then the day just all ended. 😦

Hated how this day went. TV I don’t know. here’s a video of sadness
Here’s the video:

9 comments on “I’m TV Lover, Always…

  1. Melissa says:

    Hello Andrew, sorry it took me so long to get here. But, time just flew by. As if my memory structure wasn’t paying attention to your blog. Now, tell me, what is your interest for this world? What are you learning? On the other hand, I’m learning physics, taking projects of the human body and so on. I hope you have something interesting that I would like, or else, I would be wasting my time.

    • Andrew says:

      Ah, so you’re Stanly’s sister. Makes sense what he told me was completely true. Was the mind structure loss an insult? I’m learning Chemistry, Pre-Algebra, I am reading 700 page books, how to make different types of prompts and so on. 🙂

      • Melissa says:

        Yes, I thought my brother cleared that put for you. I don’t want to hear what he said about me. Oh it was an insult, at least you were smart enough to figure that out. Chemistry, Pre-Algebra and 700 book reading is pretty good for your age. I checked the about page, you’re 11 because of your birthday. Am I right? Also how did you put that emote?

      • Andrew says:

        Oh, he cleared that out just perfectly. Yeah, you wouldn’t want to know what he said. Lol. Wow, you can insult pretty good. I haven’t really figured out fully the Pre-Algebra. But, I am okay with it. Yes, thanks for paying attention. It;s easy, but I’ll tell you later.

  2. Nuug (also my wwid) says:

    YES! A FELLOW DORA THE EXPLORER HATER!!! THANK YOU! I grew out of Nick Jr. when I was… I dont know… three! I cannot stand the channel anymore!

    • Andrew says:

      That such a freaking boring and stupid show. I agree. I never watched dora until my sister (Anabelle) forced me to watch with her. Lol.

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