Something That May Have Something To Do With Being Spoiled

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Hello earthlings, I will be having a few changes on my blog for now on. Well, actually, a lot of changes. Lol. I’m trying to make my blog and my life sound more interesting to read. It’s a feeling that only an 11 year old (like me) could feel. Anyways, I’m going to start a post like this for now on. I will have to write a few bits of one post during certain times, so, I would notice your comments. No need to worry. Then, when it comes to morning due, I will publish a new post. I’m just warning you this so, you’ll finally get answered “when the heck is that Andrew person going to post?”. I’ll probably be around 5 or 6 in the morning. Oh, and FYI, I’m going to come to your blog and remind you to visit. I’m not kidding. I will hunt you down like a “blog stalker”. Lol. I was being sarcastic just so you know. :mrgreen:

June 9, 2010
Now, this is how today (yesterday) started. I was having a dream. A dream about these crocodiles and alligators. They were fighting for their juicy meat. I didn’t realize I was the meat until this bone-headed toothless shark blabbered out. “Get Andrew!!”. I ran for my life, looking behind me to see if the gators caught up. But, every time I tried to take a break from running they would pop out of nowhere. Those gators were walking in different poses. Alligators walked on their hind legs, walked on their front legs or would walk like an active puppy. Now, crocodiles didn’t have so much good poses. They just walked like a regular crocodile would do, except faster. To me, it sounded as if the crocodiles were trying to take this easy. Basically, they were overconfident. Instead, the alligators were taking this event seriously. So, that meant they REALLY wanted to get me for lunch. I tried to hold them off with a little kick or punch. But, they had this special cloaking device on them that made their skin untouchable. After I was completely done running, the alligators were just a few yards away from me. Just when I thought I was going to die, they hit each other and started fighting. Just in time, Aang, out of nowhere pops out in his avatar state. I was pretty depressed because I already had 2 different species of reptiles wanting to kill me and kill all the other humans for that matter. Aang touched me with his hand on my forehead. Then the dream ended. I woke up nervous to watch Avatar the Last airbender. Especially, the one in 3D.

After my dream, I felt like I was just in a swamp, which I was in my dream. I wanted to take a shower and wipe of all the dirt and mud that I thought was on me. I went inside my bathroom getting ready for a shower and then looked at myself feeling puzzled. I felt like gunk and mud was up my nails and body. But, my body looked as clean as a newly born sprout. I stopped the shower and went back to my ROYAL floor bed. I tried to figure the message out from my dream. But, it was hard to capture because Aang was always the distraction in my thoughts. Aang is just an airbender. How does that help my understandings? Ugh, what the heck is wrong with me when it comes to some logic? I just hate the way logic works sometimes. It always makes my sister victorious in social arguments. Then, that makes me the loser besides Matthew because he barely knows what he’s talking about. So, he just keeps his mouth shut. But me, I barely know logic, it’s hard to develop in my brain when I know already a little too much things. My sister’s (Patricia) logic comes from my dad’s genes. Not my mom’s genes. But, I bet my mom is still better than me on some terms. I always thought, do I have lack of logic because I’m spoiling myself? It didn’t surprise me to say yes to myself. But, I needed an absolute for-sure answer.

Anyways, when the last hour of morning hit, the whole family was stomping their feet and starting a stampede to get ready to play video games. We all got in line for number picking to see who goes first. Well, we thought it the wrong way. We weren’t number picking at all. So, we asked her in order play. But mom said no to that too. So, we were a bit confused, then mom told my sister (Patricia) and I to go clean your rooms if you want to play video games. “Anabelle doesn’t have to clean up?” I asked. Then, my mom said she does have too. But, my mom said Matthew was not included, which was complete madness to my sister (Patricia) and I. But we managed to clean our rooms in just 13 minutes. My sister (Patricia) cleaned my room in 45.3 seconds tops. Well, my room looked like an actual mess before my sister cleaned up. But, she just did it in a flash, which surprised me because I was still cleaning up her room. I owed my sister (Patricia) a little break time for 12 minutes. But, Anabelle was kind of doing a bad and good job at the same time cleaning her bed. Well, she’s just 4, what do you expect from her? Well, my sister (Patricia) and my mom expects more. Again, I don’t expect so much.

After we were done cleaning up, I played guitar hero 3 with Patricia. She kept on losing to me because she was holding her guitar in piano positions. Patricia didn’t know why she was missing chords or notes. I told her you had to stand up and hold a guitar like the people in the game do. Patrica said that was really hard for her. So, she finally gave up playing. I was the only one playing guitar hero 3 by myself while Matthew was on the computer playing his webkinz account has about 478 kins cash. FYI, my sister (Patricia) and I have about 2514 kins cash and we still buy and send expensive gifts to our friends. But to actually know you’re playing guitar hero 3 alone doesn’t feel right at times like this. But I was satisfied with my reward and I used wisely, well, not wisely, just good… lol.

My family was trying to get into a play date with Chase and Daniel (sons of my mom’s friend). Chase is about 8 or 9 years old. While Daniel is still unknown by age to me. We decided to have our play date in the park. Though, I wasn’t acting so enthusiastic about it, just happy. Once we met in the park, we went to the sand dunes which was unlikely for me. But, I did it so I could support Chase. Well, first of all his mother died because of a rare cancer NOBODY had in Georgia. We were sad for a few days. Especially, Chase. This is why I’m going to help him through life. Chase, though, doesn’t know that I made that commitment to myself. But, his mom does. She’s in heaven. The greatest and peaceful haven of all time. Anyways, once we got to the sand dunes we saw this flowing river going down the drain with all the gunk. I thought, if we made a dam, then we would be able to make the water level go higher. So, I told Chase the idea. He was impressed but asked this: “what are we supposed to block the water with?”. That question hit me. I tried to look for some resourceful items to use. The best thing I could find was sand. No question about it. It was the best thing I could use. So, we started putting sand in the water to make a dam. Then, these Korean girls spot us putting sand and asked why were we doing that. We explained and that didn’t satisfy them. So, they came over to our dam and reduced all of our hard work to nothing. I was so mad, I thought things couldn’t get worser. Instead they called us idiots. Which was hard to take from little children. I could beat them up if I wanted to. But something held me back. I used another useful resource. The sand in the water could help. Now, those twitchy girls had no power over us when it comes to that. So, we ignored them and made a dam. Note: Chase has an Ipad and Daniel has an Ipod. 🙂

After we got back from the park, Matthew and I took a bath for about 40 minutes, but we took the bath shorter than expected. So, I got to make satisfy myself with some So You Think You Can Dance shows. That show motivated me to dance 14 months ago. So far I’m pretty good, but I need to gain a little more muscle if I want to dance in my 18s. Then, my mom got out of her shower and we watched Modern Family. Modern Family is basically about these three different families. Let me start with the main family. I don’t quite remember the name of the family. But I do remember some information on their family. First family’s names: Um…. yeah, her name was… ugh… can’t figure out. Just click this link and it will show you all the information.

After that we had quiet time and that’s ho the day ended. I think I’m going to have to write these long posts most of the time. Lol. Sorry, you have to get used to my detailed life.

6 comments on “Something That May Have Something To Do With Being Spoiled

  1. Stanly says:

    Hmm… a pretty darn long post dude. How’d you survive to make it? I can only write 7 paragraphs because I hate writing. lol. Also, I told my sister about this blog. I’m going to tell her to comment okay?

  2. Stanly says:

    Wow, you’re only 11 years old. Amazingly done bro, I’ll ask my sister to comment in a few hours. She’ll identify herself to you, well because she’s a geek just like you. I’m just going to tell you, she’s 11 and is turning 12 on December.

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks, I’m in the middle of writing a post RIGHT now. Sure, I’d like that. Geek? How’d you know I’m a geek? Anyways, I’ll try not to flirt with that kind of age dude.

  3. Gil says:

    Wow you’r an early worm, arn’t you Andrew 🙂

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