Legends Reborn… The Most Amazingly Done Things + The Adventures Will Go On

June 7, 2010
Hey people, hope you’re reading. Because this is important information you gotta see (read). As you see on the title, it describes “Amazing”. Well, that’s exactly the definition for today. An amazing day. I’m going to start with the amazing things that happened through internet. Today, I actually posted my contest earlier than expected, that was pretty good because everybody could notice it through the whole day. I got 18 comments so far on the post. The other good part was Sammy finally commenting on a contest. She actually won 2nd place! 🙂 Well, she won because she only got the Avatar questions correct. On the other hand, Nuug (my new favorite commenter) won both questions. Which actually surprised me. That means he gets 2 prizes on Webkinz. But, I have to wait ti’ll he responds back to my friend’s request and I’ll be able to send a gift. I never thought Nuug would be so helpful at comments. He got me all the way to 1,078 comments. Hehehe. Today, near the morning, I had only 1,058 comments (just about as many comments as Kitty’s blog). But, from 1,058 all the way to 1,078 comments. But, that’s pretty much all that happened great through internet.

Agh! I don’t remember what happened interesting on June 7, 2010. So, that means my title doesn’t describe anything that happened today. Agh. If only I didn’t listen to Willow I wouldn’t be in this mess.
June 8, 2010
Well, first of all, lots of things happened today (yesterday). There were adventures, gimmicks, drama and all that stuff. Let me start at the beginning where my dream started the dream. I was dreaming about 23 people. 9 was male people and 14 was female. They all stared at me. Then, this voice came right at me. I heard everything shudder. I tried to look where it came from. But, I didn’t want to figure out. I ran out of there into a forest. Once, I was running, I heard screaming behind me and something roaring. I thought by now those people were dead. They were, it’s just that the monster caught up to me. Bit my arm off and started eating me. I couldn’t see how the event was going. I was at the back of the monster. But my body was still there being eaten. I could only see the monster’s back and lots of blood thrown out of my body. I ran away safely and abandoned my body for the monster to eat.

After that dream, I was feeling drowsy. But, my eyes were keen and sharp. So, I didn’t have any distractions in my eyes. The only way I could wake myself up. Is if I’m determined to wake up in a split second. So, I shut my eyes, rested my body, then jumped up from my floor bed and ran downstairs. I finally got downstairs without being caught. So, I went on the computer and did my blog stuff (like usual). Then, I got bored of it. I felt like laying down on a coach. Staring out the window. Oh wait, the windows were blocked by these blinds. Anyways, when I was about to sleep. I heard something go thump!!! I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I heard somebody coming downstairs. I knew it was my mom, but instead when it got to the floor, nobody was there I turned my head around and imagined my mom in a split second.

After morning, my family was having fun outside, playing with Logan (Age 9 Gender: Boy), Tina (Age: 7 Gender: Girl) , Frankie (age: 5 Gender: Boy) and Savino. We didn’t get into any social fights. Which was very great. Just a great outside. Though, I thought nothing interesting will happen. Then friends of my parents came over. Their names were Alina and Razvan. You might know Alina, but not Razvan. Alina is basically friends with my older sister Patricia and my younger sister Anabelle. Me, not so much, because I barely pay attention to her. I usually pay attention to her sister and her husband. Razvan and Alina are not married yet. But are going to. I heard that around July or August they will have their wedding. I thought I wasn’t going. I thought I was going to stay with Michael for a sleepover. He has usually interesting friends to play with. Anyways, once Razvan and Alina came, my family had to come upstairs. If we behaved, I would get paid $10. Right now, I should have $55. But, for some reason, when I opened my wallet, there was no money. WTF?! I had only $20??? (soon 30 dollars) I hate my money. Just FREAKING hate it when that happens. I thought it was Alicia, because she said I owed her money and I didn’t give it to her. Just when, I thought about Alicia, she came inside my house and asked for some ice-cream and Popsicles. She always does that. You have food you know.

Well, they begged to come in my room. I said no several times. But they just barged in, with my sister. So, I got annoyed when they specifically said they wouldn’t. Then, she already called her mom and said she was staying inside ti’ll 9 in the midnight. Okay, that was just crazy. I went along with it. They made to much noise. My mom kicked Alicia out and Alicia needed help trying to get inside her house. I tried all I could. Then, we got Savino to come out and bring his ladder out. I tried to pick the lock on his way. But nothing seemed to work. The house was too tall and we couldn’t make it. Though, we tried to take care of Alicia outside. Then, we had to go inside. Believe me, I don’t think Alicia’s mom would like seeing her outside around 9 at midnight. I thought we had an interesting adventure. But, I hope they’ll get better.

That’s all for today. See ya.


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  2. Virgo says:

    Hi.. Brother thanks for your comment on my blog.. realy i want to talk/chat to you. But i can’t speak english..
    Btw thanks..

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