Contest Baby!!!

Yeah, you all knew this day would come. Well, actually WC predicted it because she read one of my pages that clearly discusses when each contest will be put on. Anyways, I’ll give you the results and the questions so you can start. Lets go!

Question 1: What job am I going to be? Economist? Lawyer?

Question 2: What is the name of the 4 nations and the three main characters in the show Avatar the last airbender?

Prizes for 1st: 1 webkinz item

Prizes for 2nd: advertisement

Prizes for 3rd: gets my webkinz username

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28 comments on “Contest Baby!!!

  1. Hmm… I will enter later, but could you add the s onto he up there? 😀

  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah, I’ll correct that. Lol

  3. Nuug (also my wwid) says:

    Do we enter by email? Or by comment?

  4. Nuug (also my wwid) says:

    Answers, I think:
    1. Your mom wants you to become an ******, but your dad wants you to become a ******.
    2. The nations are: the *******, ******, ******, and *****. The three main characters are: ******, Zuko, and Iroh (not sure about this one, I think there might be more than 3 main characters).

    • Andrew says:

      Oh my gosh got the first one correct… yepee! You got the nations correct (do you watch Avatar last airbender?) except you didn’t pass the characters. Try again.

      Also, what’s your webkinz username?

  5. sasammygirl says:

    Ahha a contest, what great fun! I can’t say I know what the first one is. But I love Avatar The Last Airbender, heck I remember when it first aired. C:

    Second Q.: ****, ****, ***** and ****. And the three MAIN ones… Hmm, well what about Toph? But if I had to pick, I’d go with the first three before Toph was added to their group. ***** *****, and *****

    Haha, but remember you should neer forget about Momo and Aapa. lol

    • Andrew says:

      Dude, they still have some reruns. Hehehe. But remembering is okay. You got the nations and the characters correct. Toph is just an optional person just like Iroh. Momo was first seen around the 3 or 4th episode. Appa was there in the ice berg. But were talking about PEOPLE! Lol

      • sasammygirl says:

        Of course I know theres still re-runs, I watch it all the time. I still love that show, though I’m not to please with the race-bending thats coming with the movie. But I adore the SHOW, always. C:

      • Andrew says:

        Well, I would expect you to know. Just an idea. Lol. So do I. I’ve watched the whole thing 11 times. Time goes by eh? You mean Katara and Sokka are being mean to the firebenders just because they were known evil from Zuko’s grandfather. So do I. Again thanks for commenting.

      • sasammygirl says:

        No, no. I mean “race-bending”. Like how in the show, Katara and Sokka clearly have some color to their skin, yet in the movie they are being played by white actors. Same with Zuko, he’s white & yet he’s being played by an Indian actor.

      • Andrew says:

        Ah, get it. But, I really don’t have a problem with that. Seriously, that’s how the people want it to be. Though, it is kind of malfunctioned with the Indians.

      • sasammygirl says:

        I really don’t have that much problem with it either, but some people think that they might have casted white actors to play the heros on purpose and they casted a man of color to play Zuko on purpose. I’d really only be angry if they did it on purpose, because that would be unacceptable.

        But if they hired them for the simple reason that they could portray the actors well and were great at it, thats understandable.

      • Andrew says:

        Well, that’s what some people think, but we both know that’s not true. Sp, you can tell them. Oh hell yeah I would be angry. Lol. Simple reason could be good.

  6. julianusginting says:

    answer 1.******
    answer 2. F**k


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