10,000 views passing + Summer Break + Maybe or Maybe not?

10,000 views information
Hey viewers. Did you notice something new? Yep, I have 10,000 views. Woo!!! That means I made 3,000 views this week. Yeah!!! Celebrate with me my new 10,000 views. :mrgreen: You gotta be here tomorrow. We’ll have a contest, a summer party and a view party. Exciting eh? But let me just point out. I have four zeros plus 5 digits of views. FOUR BIG ZEROS!!!!! Yeah. Celebrate with me… visit my site tomorrow for more excitement.

Yeah! Awesome isn’t it. I never knew this day would come so quickly. Hehehehe. I put a picture for you guys to look at to remind you of the smokin’ hot beaches on Summer. Sorry for showing you a poster that was put on 2 years ago. But it still counts. Right? Every picture counts… 🙂

June 6, 2010
That was all optional stuff I wanted to mention about. Right here is the real stuff. This is how my day started. I don’t remember having a dream last night, so I am not going to mention it. Anyways, this is how my day started. I was sleeping on my floor bed, (there are two different beds for me: [or actually three beds] floor bed and bunk bed [I usually sleep on the floor bed :)]) I woke up after awhile feeling drowsy. I couldn’t feel my teeth (which was weird) and my stomach. It actually felt like I was a pirate skeleton that had no feelings except when it would get slashed and shred to pieces. Then, I started trying to remember the main things that I learned in school. Like: multiplying and dividing fractions, what’s a compound, who was the confederate leader in the time of the civil war (well, that’s Robert E. Lee) and what does massacre mean. Those questions took awhile to answer. But I nailed them. Just when I was about to get to a new set of questions I fell asleep. Feeling drowsy once again.

After a few minutes my mom was in my room making these loud hanger noises. It made me moan to myself. Then, I think I heard my mom sigh because of my laziness. Later, my mom kicked me in my spinal chord. Ow!!! What was that for? I tried to kick my mom back, but something held me back from doing it. A few seconds later, I thought she was gone. I lifted my body, then in a few seconds I figured out my mom was right behind me waiting for me to wake up. She kicked me this time in the butt. It actually felt better. It straightened my legs. I told my mom to be quiet by ignorng her. Then she started to speak in her beautiful, calm tone. Now, I couldn’t resist that. It was too precious. I decided to wait for my mom to leave and set my clothes. But, it took quicker than expected. So, I eventually lift my body and went to my mom’s room.

We were kind of late for church. But, managed to take a picture of all of us in our church clothes through my dad’s new phone. Did I mention my dad got a new phone. Let me explain. His phone is from the company HTC and he got it on Friday. Can you guess which phone my dad got? Can’t guess. Well, his old phone is from Metro PCs. But this phone. Is… called the EVO phone. Don’t know that phone. Well, it’s basically the best phone device. You can download as much apps, text, call for 5 or 6 hours without batteries running out, can be recharged in 30 minutes, IS a JPS, can take pictures in HD, can take videos too, has 4G network, fast internet and you can also give commands through your voice. Here’s the photo of the phone. Don’t think it looks crappy. It’s actually really slim and light. Again, here’s the photo: I’m sorry for my wide, yet thin images. Is it bothering you. Tell me. I really need to work on the photos.

Anyways, we got in time to go to church. I really wanted to go to Xtreme today. But, my mom told me we were just going to regular Upstreet. While we were just outside the church, my best friend Michael, caught up with us. At first Michael was alone. I thought he wandered away from his family. Then, I noticed them in the group of people. But, guess what Daniel was in their hands. I PRETEND punched him, which didn’t harm his parents or him. He just laughed with me. Michael’s parents eventually started a conversation with my parents and so did I with Michael and Daniel. We eventually figured out we didn’t have to go to Upstreet. We went to Xtreme!!! It was fun. Then we went back home.

Once we got back home, my dad and I were expected to go shopping because a friend of my parents were coming. Once we got to spending, I was at the Walmart door. There, a black, weird haired guy was caught in a crime. He was one of those guys that were holding his pants up. He got into the office.

Eventually, the rest of the day went great. Alex came over. We had fun. Everything went just great! 🙂

See ya! :mrgreen:


2 comments on “10,000 views passing + Summer Break + Maybe or Maybe not?

  1. sasammygirl says:

    Dude! You should have told me you got 10,000 views. Congrats, Andrew! Isn’t that like the best feeling in the world? Four big fat zeros on your stats bar.

    I’m sorry I haven’t had time to stop by lately, btw.

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I usually tell you about my new posts, but you barely respond so, but thanks for commenting. Actually, 5 BIG fat zeros is better. Lol

      It’s okay. I get too much viewers and commenter.

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