New Images Today (Photo Day)

Okay, I am going to show you my porch for the first time!!!! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the view…
Porch: Items: Pony, Table, wood, spiders? And a downstairs.

Here’s the image of the new house people just moved in two weeks ago. The outside basement was empty until some people came around and filled it with their junk. I was able to sneak up and get a shot… hehehe. It looks good in image. Outside Basement: Items: lots of stuff… lol.

Here’s the image of my mom’s left garden. Jealous Willow? Hehehe…. we have more to catch up with. Here’s he image:

Now, here’s the image of my mom’s right garden. Here’s the image: You may remember this garden in one of my older pictures (posts).

Here’s the image of my sister’s (Patricia) beginner garden. Here’s the garden: No offense, but I think that’s a uncle’s job. Then again. She started around January 21, 2010. I will talk about today tomorrow. Hehehe. :mrgreen:


6 comments on “New Images Today (Photo Day)

  1. forumomdotcom says:

    hmmh.. nice post..
    i like it..

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  2. Dyta Harleems says:

    hi .. Your book had me add to my blogroll
    cek pls.. 😀

  3. Usup Supriyadi says:

    I like gardening

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