A Monotonous Day Is Upon Us

June 2, 2010
Nope, today was dull, nothing EXTREMELY bad or good happened today. It was just a dull day. Can’t really decide how today was going to end up in. Tragedy? Happiness? Crazy… no never mind about that. About the word monotonous, if you were actually paying attention to my earlier posts. You would’ve noticed it was one of my Vocabulary words in school. Now, if I wouldn’t know that word, I would just call today a boring, dark or dull day. But, monotonous is just the fancy word I need for today’s definition. I have been noticing Willow’s current post hasn’t been summing up to his title. I know Willow can come up with juicy titles like the one that was named: “Medley of Thoughts and Emotions” or “I’m the Conceded Friend That Nobody Likes”. Now, those are good titles. That’s how I decided to come into Juicy titles. Lol. Anyways, I find myself annoying whenever it comes to mornings. The only good mornings come around Christmas and Passover Day. The rest my birthday, Thanksgiving day, wedding day, Spring Break and the July 4th fireworks don’t have good mornings. Unless I get really lucky. Hehehehe. Lol.

Now, no need to panic. When I mentioned if I was going to vomit or not. Nothing happened!!! Didn’t expect that coming. Now, I’ll tell you were the event took place. I was in my room around 11 in the morning reading Percy Jackson the Sea of Monsters. When I got to around page 100, I felt in my neck something was going to blow. No… I actually felt something squishy in my neck. Was food about to come out? I got so scared I couldn’t move. The only choice I had was to faint. Now, that didn’t seem so bad after all. To me, it felt like 5 minutes TOPS. But, could I have slept through the whole morning? Well, I tried to observe looking out the window and look at myself through the bathroom glass. It looked like I didn’t sleep to long. Neither was my dad calling for me. So, I bet it wasn’t too long of a sleep. I checked the school computer, its time said I was down for 10 minutes. Wasn’t too long. I could live being 10 minutes late from school. Then I went back to school.


    I listened to this song from a band called Weezer. Now, I only know 2 songs from them. Buddy Holly is one of them and Beverly Hills is the one I’m going to show you.

Here’s the video:


School, not much. Don’t even remember doing Science today. See, this is what I mean a monotonous day. I forget things and that’s what makes me feel dull inside. To spare some emotions with you guys, everybody in my family is always mistreated by my so-called neighbors. You may know there names. Sometimes when they’re alone, they’ll go for me. But, when they are in a huge pack, they act as if I’m the baby wolf. Look, I’m the oldest Elementary person in this neighborhood. I’m the 3rd oldest Middle School. Oh, now that I mentioned it. I’m soon graduating to Middle School. I wonder if any of you guys can give me some important advice when I move on. Like, how am I supposed to take Middle School. As a Hell or a Haven? Now, I want some advice because most of my readers about my age or older. So, please give me some important advice. Please????!!!!!

School got finished early like expected. I did Gum (G: Grammar U: Using M: Mechanics[categorized in Language arts]) which felt good because Gum is always a subject that is on my side, just like Vocabulary and Literature. Chemistry, I’m pretty good at. But, not good enough. Just so all of you know, I just remember I didn’t have any Science today. No Chemistry info. The other bad thing is I’m moving on to another Unit. So that means I won’t be studying Chemistry anymore. But, next unit will be about cells and its process. Oh. Interesting facts, that I would love to study.

What pisses me off the most is the fact that Summer Break starts in May 26. I heard that Willow’s Summer Break is coming in 2 or 3 weeks. Mine is coming on Friday so that means tomorrow. I still haven’t finished my Literature. But, I’m coming close. So, it won’t be that hard. My teacher was currently called Ms. Riley. I’m going to miss her. But, my sister (Patricia) is moving on to 4th grade which is the grade Ms. Riley works at. So, my sister (Patricia) is going to have her as next year’s teacher. :mrgreen:

When I went outside everything went the same. I started to say to myself I hated this neighborhood. Everybody started to hate me back. Except Logan and King. Well, King was kind of taking the other side. But I take him as a friend.


8 comments on “A Monotonous Day Is Upon Us

  1. Stanly says:

    Wow, I always suffer monotonous days. No doubt the fact that everyday in school is dull (or as you say “monotonous”) and boring… I never seem to feel hopeless though. I always think this all is for a reason. Like when God brought down water and washed the places in Even Almighty. Lol. That show is so funny. 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Too bad for you!! I feel so sorry for you! I’m always trying to work my butt off to make things better. That’s not all the time EASY! It’s actually called Noah’s ark. But, the movie is a good resemblance of the story. It’s a movie again… show?! Movie… actually doesn’t even matter.

      • Stanly says:

        Okay, I’m going to ignore everything you said except for the Noah’s ark part. Just so you know, I’m a catholic. I know the story… sometimes… I feel as if I want to laugh. Do you have a problem with that?

      • Andrew says:

        Such an ignorant though interesting commenter. I can’t decide if I should put you on spam… Ba-Zing a! Hahaha… that’s a line from Big Bang Theory. If you’ve heard of that show. No… I don’t have a problem with catholics. My friend is a catholic. Do you think I’m a races. Now there’s no more Ba-Zing a!

      • Stanly says:

        Okay, I am ignorant. Thank you for not calling me a Negro. Other people call me that. No, I haven’t heard of the Big Bang Theory. Is that line supposed to mean sarcasm???? 😕

      • Andrew says:

        If you say Negro, that means you’re ignorant. Hahahaha. Now, I want to say the irony. Hehehehe… okay… I am fine. Are you off school. Tomorrow I am.

    • Dyta Harleems says:

      Hi Andrew ..
      you look so smart ..
      how old are you?

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