Great New Way Of Elevating To A Better Life In Some Terms…

June 1, 2010
Just in note, I came up with that title so I could finally just make a long juicy title. If anybody is against that. Speak up!!! Well, I spoke up for myself. Though, there’s just no way around the fact that I am obsessed with good posts. Especially like Gil’s (AmberFireFeather) posts and Willow’s (Willowbatel) posts. 😛 But, I would like to clear out that I will be describing and discussing what I learned in school. If you’re a beginner at these stuff, or you don’t clearly know then it won’t be hard to listen up. Just to tell you I’m a geek, just not a geek in the blog world. I just started blogging around December 1, 2009. So, here’s the story: I’m a geek that’s learning and acting as a student around a few people. To most geeks, or just my type that would be uncomfortable because they think they’re so smart. Well, sometimes I think I’m very smart for my age curriculum, but I wouldn’t want to be ignorant, I would like to learn.

Now, to start with the school conversations. Actually, I find myself more interesting without school, or is that just the devil speaking? Though, how can the devil speak for you? Your veins (electrical wires [metaphor]) are powered through your head and… oh… I get it. Sorry. I mistreated the devil. Hey, at least I didn’t mistreat his home because they’re always so good. Not that I want to join Hell or anything. I want to go to Heaven. But, can we go back to school conversations instead of mistreating the devil for fun? Oh and one more thought. I believe in God and love him. Though, the only thing I believe from the devil is that he can lie to you and summon demons. That’s it.
Now, back to the school conversation.

Today I was compelled. Feeling really hurt. I couldn’t move my body around because I was exercising too much. Now, my abs hurt really bad. So, if I try to get up from the coach I wouldn’t be able to lift comfortably. I would have to use my feet and freeze my arms. But right now, at this very moment, I’m instead feeling lots of food in my stomach. Like I’m either about to burp or vomit. Well, if I was an angel, I would wish for burp. It’s not comfortable smelling your own digested food and then it feels like wet sand on a sand beach. Ew! Gross! Anyways, I was feeling either sick or paralyzed and I couldn’t even think about doing school. Even though it was graduation day. I eventually caught my mom praying downstairs around like 5 or 6 in the morning. I gave her a hug to show my love to her. Then, she took off without even saying don’t go on the computer. Was she actually trusting me? I didn’t know. But, that funny feeling of joy made me smile. Though, I did check on the computer for a little bit. But, that doesn’t count. Anyways, feeling like you’re sick doesn’t feel pleasant during school. It makes you feel weak in some sort of way.

I started with Vocabulary to get a good start on school. I eventually had to do a Unit Assessment, I passed only missing one question. So, I already know I’m going to pass. But if you want to know what words I had to learn here they are.

Massacre: a murder or savage killing

Exhibit: an open area to watch

Monotonous: something dull

Acquire: to get one’s own

Preserve: a safe place for animals

Sanitary: something to do with health

And that’s pretty much all I remember. I had to do Math after that. It was pretty easy. Just dividing or multiplying decimals in a different way of process. Note: I’m not a neutral guy. Trust me, I always want to be involved in situations like the Kraftymom incident. Hehehe. :mrgreen: 😛 Anyways, my dad forced me to do Literature with him. It was pretty difficult for me to do by myself because I didn’t know how the process worked. Neither did my dad until he read everything. I ended up reading White Fang and about 6 chapters of it. That’s um… ~counting to myself~… that’s about 72 pages. Well, that didn’t matter. After Literature I had to do Science. Now this was the fun part. I learned about compounds in identification form. Anybody know about that. It’s basically how he forms go like Flame tests. Now, have you heard of that? It’s like this. pH test is acids and bases, Flame test is metals or carbons and that’s it. You could notice different colors because of different tests like I explained to you. Anyways, I need to be off now. Busy with school and my decision if I want to vomit. 😆

See ya!!!


6 comments on “Great New Way Of Elevating To A Better Life In Some Terms…

  1. Gil says:

    Awe… that’s nice of you Andrew 🙂 I don’t think you are a geek 🙂 And yes, James and I maintain a very high quality 🙂 Or at least try to

  2. Suitably done.
    You have a nice blog.
    Thank you for posting this.

  3. kikus says:

    отличный пост, автор пиши ещё

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