Interesting Trip… + Memorial Day

May 30, 2010
Now, today is actually May 31st, the last day of school for me. But right now, I’m going to discuss what happened yesterday. Got it? Though, right now, it’s raining horribly. Hope my doors don’t get blown by the wind, hehehehe. 🙂

Now, like every Sunday, I got up to go get ready for church. Though, my parents didn’t seem to be awake. They needed to wake up early too because we were late for the 9 in the morning service. My aunt was there with me and Patricia. So, we waited about an hour and it was already passed 9 in the morning. Was this supposed to happen? Are we staying home, NO CHURCH?! I was completely getting thoughts about church if we were going if we weren’t going and stuff like that. Once I got to a conclusion that we were staying home, I heard my parent’s door open. Then, I was going to ask if we were going to church or not. They said yes. What??? We’re late… unless… (gasp). We are going to the 11 in the morning service. NOOO!!!!
Rain stopped, luckily, I thought I heard hail outside. :mrgreen:

Before we were ready to leave, my sister (Patricia) asked if we could watch Ninja Warrior (a show that’s not animated). My dad didn’t want to watch it because he thought it was an animated show. But it was actually one of those reality shows. Then, my dad accepted. I always thought about entering Ninja Warrior. But, that’s in Japan and the I would be no match for the competition. Sorry. Well, the show was over and we left. That fast, just like a snap from your fingers.

Once we got back from church there was a problem. I got so addicted to Webkinz I vomited. Hahahaha!! Gotcha, it only increased my anger to play. But, for it to be fair for all of us to play. We drew numbers. Now, I’m pretty good at this. I always get 1st or second. My mom drew them and I got first. Yepee!!!! 🙂 Well, this is not something to be celebrating about really. I always get it… so… not such a good celebration. Just to point out, my sister (Patricia) and I share our webkinz in one account. Here’s our username in webkinz: dabombs1. Not hard, add us as your friend and if the invitation doesn’t work. Then, well take care of the problem. :mrgreen:

After my turn was over, we went to the Buford Dam. Which pissed off my other siblings. They constantly whined to my mom to see when their turn was coming. Just before we left the dam, we took picture of my mom near her flower garden. Here’s the picture:
Then, we took a picture of Matthew, my brother, near the steps and the garden. Here’s his image: He’s basically fooling around in his picture. No biggie. Not such a surprise. He always fools around.

Then we got in the car and started conversations. The kids had their own discussion about Webkinz. Grownups (basically my mom, dad and aunt) asked me what I learned from the big theology group. I learned quiet a few. But, I’ve been to that church a few times. Just never understood what they said. Hahaha. I wish I could say the “Irony“. It’s so funny. So far, we got to the Buford Dam, but for some reason, we had to pay. What? That doesn’t sound like the Buford Dam, are they going to lose their base or something if we don’t pay. Well, that didn’t matter to my dad. He just paid, because we knew there was no way around it. After we paid, we passed by these lovely hills and flowers. Then Nadia, Anna, Alina and Alex caught up. They’re Romanian grownups that still speak English in a funny accent. They brought their food we brought our food and we had a pretty good time. Here’s how the food we cooked look before it was grilled: Looks pretty disgusting but after it was grilled it look like some famous company just made MEAT!!!

Good thing my dad brought his phone, he wanted to text his friend all through the trip. I can’t say his name then it will go through public. Anyways, he wanted to send his friend some pictures of the trip. But, he first wanted to start taking pictures of me which flattered me. When he took that picture it was after my sister (Anabelle) lost her shoe in the Reservoir and I jumped in the cold water to get it. I was so freaking cold. My toes were the numbest. But, I saved myself and the shoe. So, it was good both ways. Anyways, my dad took a picture of me. Here’s the photo: I look pretty glum don’t I? Don’t mention it. I was trying to hold the shaking.

May 31, 2010
Nothing really special happened. Just my aunt and my family watched 24, my aunt left, we celebrated memorial day, I still did school and my dad and mom was close to watching Prince of Persia. See no biggie for memorial day. Though when we were passing our street we saw thousands of flags that showed he people that died. Which was a big surprise to my brother. So, that’s all for today though go back to that contest I told you guys about here’s the link:


4 comments on “Interesting Trip… + Memorial Day

  1. Gil says:

    Andrew I’d rather that poll was taken off because I don’t like people voting if people are good but it’s nice of you to help although I really don’t care about that Krafty person

    • Andrew says:

      Sure I’ll take it off. Can you tell me more about Krafty? Please?

      • Gil says:

        Thanks Andrew 🙂 Well I don’t really know anything other then she’s from Gymbo’s blog ( and that she’s been trying to get people to hate me for absalutly no reason at all since last summer… if she is a mom like her name says, she should be taking care of her kids not playing Webkinz and harassing teens.

      • Andrew says:

        Wow, that’s a weird name… 🙂
        Why, don’t get it? I’ll talk with her.
        That is so true, unless she’s single. 😆

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