Don’t Remind Me About It!

June 29, 2010
Okay, this is what happened today (yesterday). Well, lets actually start with the dream, since you really want to know everything that happened in my life, I’ll tell you. Just so you know I haven’t got this much pressure since a few weeks ago. Now, this is how my dream started. There were these two communists, fighting against these 3 pacifists. The pacifists wanted wanted to take advantage of the people near their country. The communists wanted to find every single thing they could judge that was not their types. They tried to put blacks, tanned, yellows and pale people in segregation. So, it was the whole centuries combined with horror. A country that wanted to take advantage of people and a country that wanted to segregate everything unusual. I was pissed off. I wanted to do something about it, or at least yell some sense into them. But, I just realized I was a pile of sand watching from the galaxy. Like I was a special person watching everything. That’s when the dream ended. 😕

I was yet interrupted by Rachael (Alexandra’s sister) and Anabelle. Rachael was making these funny laughing noises. Even though sometimes Anabella was telling Rachael to shut up. Rachael ignored that comment since it wasn’t something she would like. Well, I told Rachael to keep her voice down. In the harsh way. :mrgreen: She’d stop for a few seconds than continue her troubling noises. The other thing that sucked was that she wasn’t helping me. She wasn’t even close to waking up my mom. So, she wasn’t helping me or anybody. Lol. Eventually, we were able to talk ourselves through our morning room trap. My mom woke up and we were able to go to the pool. But, we needed to put sunscreen and this special spray sunscreen. I wanted my mom to put just the spray sunscreen. But, I already knew it was going to hurt. Still, I did it anyways, it burned my nose because it was accidentally shot in my nose. I hated it. But, I was going to have to put up with it.

Eventually, we stayed in the pool long enough ti’ll the morning was done. So, you could say I was in the pool for 4 or 3 hours. But, I was ticked off. I had to learn the habit of not immediately wanting to play video games. I only asked once. Is that too much. I really would want to hear your opinion on this. Maybe I ask my mom too much to play video games, but I only ask once a day. Oh, I get it. I’m hogging it in. 😦 Anyways, I didn’t ask her anything. So, once I got out of the pool, my mom expected me to say if I could play. I informed her I was going to take a break from it. She understood. Then, we had an agreement. Eventually everybody needed to go to sleep. But, I didn’t. I was 11 and a new grown middle schooler. But, I did have to stay in the guest room (my mom and dad’s temporary room). I eventually fell asleep. Just when I was about to have a dream, my mom came in with my dad. My mom said I could play video games. I was happy. But, I needed to have it quiet which was fine by me.

Later on, Matthew came and watched he said he wasn’t going to ask to play it. But, unfortunately, my parents came and he asked. I had to let him play, which was the annoying part. Than, Eugen came, we played a few songs until my mom kicked me off the video games. While Eugen was still playing video games. Afterwards, he was playing Mario Kart Wii for 4 or 5 hours. The day ended with a weird trace. 🙂

Next Day On Vacation Was Okay

June 28, 2010
Okay just in fact. The rest of the mornings were boring. We had to stay always in our rooms until Alexandra’s (my sister’s [Patricia) friend) mom and my mom were awake. Okay, maybe I could understand that. There are 7 kids and only 4 grownups. So, there’s a lot of kids to take care of. But, you can trust an 11 year old like me. Right? 😆 Continuing on with the morning. We all were stored in a room for about, 20 or 30 minutes. But at first it felt as if it was an hour which almost killed me. I’d actually never find out whether I was going to survive or not. Than, enough noise from my sister and her friend woke up my mom and Alexandra’s mom. So, as long as we keep up the noise we’ll be able to wake up around 6 in the morning. :mrgreen: After the parents woke up, we had breakfast, except outside. Because Alexandra’s mom’s house got infected with these things called carpenter ants which I’m still trying to look up. So, her mom is trying to stay away with food falls in the house.

We stayed in the pool for awhile. Than got so bored!!!! The only thing we could think of was playing Guitar Hero or the other games we enjoyed. After awhile the rest of us kids tried to convince the parents to play video games. Eventually, we convinced them. I looked for Guitar Hero so Eugen (Alexandra’s dad) could rock and roll with me. But it was for some reason lost! I’d never knew I had to experience this. But I lost it. I totally flipped out and so did Eugen. But, my mom said to calm down because she was letting me buy another one, she’d even let me buy the other levels of Guitar Hero. As long as it was 30 dollars or less. We were able to buy Guitar Hero World Tour instead which had lots of songs my mom knew. My mom actually enjoyed the game better than the last one. The day actually ended with nothing to spare just continuous video game playing. So, yeah, short day! 😀

The First Day On The Trip Was Pretty Interesting

June 27, 2010
Well, lets get something straight. Along the way through the trip, I was sleeping (it was just a 10 minute sleep).I had a dream about my friends Savino and King partying in my front garage. They had also Alicia and even my enemies from church. They were all celebrating the fact I was gone and they didn’t have to see me. That was the worst thing ever. But, then, I was in the middle of the party and everybody noticed me. They were all chattering. I knew I had to take a run for it. But, instead, they grabbed me by my leg and dragged me against the concrete. They were dragging me to this hot pot. They had this mark that said “death arrives here”. Than, when I tried to escape I threw a soldier over the mark. He was already incinerating and burning even though he was 20 yards away from the pot. That meant the pot was really hot. Than, they yelled out for this cylinder-man to come out. It looks as if he was the only person that was able to pass the line without getting burned. Just when he was about to grab me, my best friend Michael and my other friends jumped in the crowd. They sliced their bodies and took me away. That’s when the dream got interrupted by Matthew’s not-necessary yelling. I practically yelled back at him. Than, kept my mouth shut. My mom was driving throughout the night, so, she didn’t want to get involved.

After a few hours, I had this weird pizza taste. It felt like I had vomited food in my mouth. I really wanted to get rid of the taste. So, I asked my mom if we could make a stop at a gas station. She said we could stop by around 12:30 am. That was actually 3 hours from now. I really didn’t want that taste to remain in my tongue. So, I kept bragging about getting to a gas station faster. But, here’s the thing, if my mom was actually taking that as an idea she would’ve stopped already. We already passed by 13 gas stations. I was so bored. Boredom struck me. In the car!!! How the heck was I supposed to find something to do? If you’re thinking to go back to sleep. You thought a pretty bad idea. The whole car was stuffed with games, clothes, toys, board games and so on. There were only a few spaces. But, I eventually fell asleep, got to sleep through 12:30 am and took that freaking taste out of my tongue.

Soon, I stayed up and got so into the road, 4 hours passed. It was already 4 in the morning and we were at our friend’s house. So, that meant we were there 2 hours early. Well, we all were happy and greeted each other. Eventually, we had to go to bed. Than, time went by, I forgot it was already Sunday. Church day. Once we got at the church, it looked empty and hollow. Then, we had to go to this room where it looked like all the people were. There was a group of people. Smaller than our church. Than, there was these people. I girl singer and guitarist, a guy guitarist, a guy bassist, a guy drummer and a guy piano player. They sang then sent us to this room which also looked hollow and empty, except for the few kids. The place actually looked like a Pre-K. But, the kids were pretty decent and so were the teachers. The thing that sucked was their community was poor. So, they only had big-play crayons. We also had to do activities and bla-bla-bla. Boring, but good enough for their share in community.

After wards we went to the beach and had a load of fun. We took some sodas and pizza. We all looked like gangsters with our sodas. Than, we looked as if we were Pizza hut delivers with the pizzas. I felt disappointed with only being able to stay in the ocean for 10 minutes. Than, we went home. Got nothing to do but stay in the pool ti’ll 9 at midnight struck. By the rest the day ended. 🙂

It All Mattered About The Vacation

June 26, 2010
(Note: I’m posting from another computer from another house. So, I’ll pray to God to hope the connection will work as quick and bright as possible) Okay, this is how the day started. I was in my bed. Feeling completely clean and vivid. I didn’t moan so much which was a surprise and I didn’t have any problems with sleep. Just a comfortable morning wakeup. Now, I didn’t know it was Saturday until my sister (Patricia) came downstairs and mentioned about the Saturday cartoons. I felt so sorry for myself. I was going to abandon my friends and leave my house. Hmm… no, I’m going to be happy leaving my friends and my house. Because this is the place were I get respect as a Romanian. Let me check in with you on some information. My friends call Romanians, terrorists, I have no idea how they came up with that stupid idea. But, somehow in their dimwitted brain they had that thought. They also say, or I think they say Romanians have a weird accent. Hey! Don’t judge our culture. These are all reasons why I want to leave this neighborhood (hell) and start a new life.

Anyways, we watched our Saturday cartoons and soon enough got bored. After that, my mom asked us to clean up the house. No way was I going to work while my mom watches TV. But, my mom actually came upstairs to support us. Not just relax. Okay, now, when my mom was taking care of my room, she was doing it too quickly. I couldn’t catch up with her. So, that left me cleaning nothing except some part of the bookshelves and the floor. Well, I was expecting my mom in the Future to hold it as a grudge whenever I whine not to clean up my room. Than, I was already feeling guilt. Don’t know how that happened. But, I felt cleanliness guilt. We all had to clean up to go on vacation and I was barely doing anything. Later on, when we were done with my sister’s room and My room we went downstairs. That’s when my mom gave m the assignment to vacuum every part of this house. My room, my sister’s (Patricia) room, my mom’s room, the leaving room and the hallways. Well, I got what I deserved. Lol. Nothing can change the fact that my job was a pretty hard and cruel punishment.

Once, we were done. My mom started to get angry. So, whenever she would ask for something in a yelling tone we would move as quick as possible to get what she wanted. What the? We had to help her stack the Mexican Train. Then, my mom and I watched some Royal Pains for an hour. Now, our brake was an hour. It was either waste my time watching a doctor movie for an hour or find something to do. Royal Pains was the first answer to my mind. After our brake we checked what was wrong and right. Than, called my dad to say his lunch was ready. From the looks of it, I thought we didn’t clean our house properly. But, if it was done, it was done. Once we stacked up all the luggage for our 10 hour trip, the back stack fell out. Savino and King laughed and acted like it was a joke after all it was their fault. They leaned on the luggage. Well, Savino did. We all assumed we ruined our perfect vacation. But, my mom said to take things easy. We’ve done this trip thing to Florida 5 or 6 times. Once we got off the neighborhood Savino and King sang this song: (lyrics) na na na na, na na na na, hey, goodbye. That was a pretty stupid excuse for their happiness I was gone. The day went on in the car and we fell asleep. :mrgreen:

Oh Why Did Friday Have To Be The Bad Day?

June 25, 2010
Okay, this is how my day started. I was upstairs, groaning to myself. Than, I woke up, but, felt delusional. I don’t know why. But, I felt delusional in some sort of sick way. What the heck was wrong with me during the morning? How, could I wake up and feel delusional at the same time around 4 in the morning. I tried to ignore that. So, I left my room and went downstairs. The scary thing was it was really dark. I also heard noises in my house. So, it already gave me thousands of thoughts what was going on. I also had this feeling inside me that wanted to feel paranoid or scared. I tried not to feel paranoid because my mom gave me her blessing when I was grounded last week. But, I was able to manage the paranormal out of my mind and I was okay. I took care of my farm and got the early morning things done.

Unfortunately, when I was only in my underwear and covered by my blanket my uncle Vitalie. His friend Tolea also came along. I was embarrassed because they saw me and started laughing. Curse my early wake ups. My uncle and his friend stayed at my house until the world cup Brazil and Portugal fight was done. So, they stayed about 96 minutes tops. But, I was routing for Brazil anyways. Oh and FYI my brother decided to play the computer through the World Cup. We’re usually only allowed to play an hour tops. Unless we were grounded longer than expected. I asked if I could use Guitar Hero 3. But, my dad said no because they were watching and because he didn’t want me to play in the morning. Well, curse that phrase.

Afterwards, I played and got freaking bored!!! Boredom struck again. Well, I went outside to see King and Savino outside. See, King is one of my friends on Facebook now. We’re also neighbors. So, we’ve been planning what to do as neighbors. I thought by the way Savino was listening to us, we sounded gibberish to him. But I didn’t care. Sooner, my mom really wanted me to go outside. Especially the rest of the family. I didn’t want to. So, I came inside. My dad was already gone for some reason. I came to the kitchen to get pizza and eat in the leaving room. But, I forgot to put a plate. My dad came when I was about to get a plate. We yelled. Well, he yelled at me. I whimpered. He was yelling at me so much today. 😦 Though, it was my fault.

I watched a movie to find Simon wanting to come inside. We stayed inside and than ran away from King and Savino. Than, came back. We did a pretty good racket. Than, Nicholas came outside like he was the cool guy. Well, I had a problem with that. Than, Alicia came outside to me. I ignored her after all the using she did. I just feel sorry for taking her mother’s trust and than figuring out Alicia is using us. Another thing, when she came down the street. She saw we had Popsicles so she asked for one like she was supposed to have it. We all knew what she does, so, we ignored her. The weird thing was she said that my sister committed forgetting a thing. Maybe she did, but Savino said where she last left it. I asked Alicia where’d she leave it. She was confused for a few questions. Than, Alicia said she left it in her house. Alicia really looked like she had nothing to say. So, I already knew she stole it. When Alicia went near my house she asked if she could go inside my house. My sister pretended to ask my mom and she said no. But, it looked like Alicia wasn’t taking “no” as an answer. She barged inside our house and asked my sister to ask again. My sister ACTUALLY asked and my mom said no. But, instead Alicia went even deeper in the house without permission. I wanted to say beat it. But, she wouldn’t listen. We got into a fight. A long one.

Afterwards, I watched War of the Worlds for the first time. I read the book. But, I thought the movie was scarier and more bloodier. It was a compelling movie to watch. But, I stood it just fine. The day ended in peace. 🙂

A Day That Gets You Involved In Work

June 24, 2010
Okay, this is how my day started. My dreams were a little hazy, so, I’m not going to mention it. Well, the morning wakeup was okay. I could say, I was groaning too much in my sleep and I think I was drooling too. Na! I don’t drool at this age anymore. That’s when I was 8 or 9. But, I’m newly 11. A new age. A new age of Middle School. 😀 Well, after my sleep I ended up going downstairs at the computer playing Farmville. This event took around hmm… 7 in the morning. My mom came downstairs and took care of her farm on this thing called Farm Story. It’s a game only used in Itouch form. After she was done, she said to tell my sister (Patricia) to harvest the crops while she was gone and that she was going somewhere for an hour. Well, I completely bored my mind and my strength. It took me awhile to go to the Kitchen with all the sloppiness. Lol.

After breakfast, I got my energy. I went to the computer AGAIN. Than, my mom came back. She sounded so quick. Than, she informed me that I was getting a haircut. That’s a shocker. I wonder how we’re going to cut it. But, she said we were going at the Korean shop AGAIN. Lol. After about 1 hour it became a master piece. Well, at least I think it’s a master piece. Here’s a snap shot of my hair:

Well, after that, I asked if we could go on a adventure. Then, it reminded my mom that we were going to a Russian shop. Far away. About an hour and that we were staying an hour their and then coming back which would take another hour. So, 3 hours tops. Believe me, I brought my PSP and it was still dull and boring in the car. Once we got out of the car, I started seeing this broken down house with play toys in the backyard. That was weird. Dull house and a bright toy. Well, when I tried to take my mind of that place, I saw more cars than I would expect at this shop. I also saw a garden of flowers with rock dogs and a rock piglet. Inside had the disgusting smell of Russian meat. It was unbearable. Until, I got used to it, or I got near the candy selection which distracted the meat smell. I decided to go outside to check out the broken house. Well, I saw a fence, I touched it to see if it was an electrical fence. It wasn’t, thank God. My mom said we were about to leave. Luckily, the smell didn’t kill me. Lol.

After the shop. We were completely bored. Nothing to do, but watch ourselves die. Well, I tried to have fun, but nothing surprising was happening. Then, Simon and Elijah begged me to come outside. I eventually went outside. Which was good because when we were in the middle of racing with Nicholas’s uncle, a group of middle schoolers in a van was coming our way. I noticed in there was Douglas, Kerry, Terry and Marvin. They came all the way up here to play Soccer. Well, the game took about 2 hours until it was around 9 at night. The game eventually was done. Douglas’s team lost by 4 points and Kerry’s team won 10 points. So, that means Douglas only got 6 points. The day ended in boredom. Lol.

Can There Be Any Good In This World?

June 23, 2010
Great, in the next 3 days were going to Florida. Now, I can’t tell you how long the vacation is going to take. But, I can still tell you I’m going to Florida. Right? I’m pretty sure I could wait 3 days for some awesome, sweet and tight entertainment. I don’t need any pressure on myself. No need for that. I’m just, single-handedly waiting for those 3 evil days to end (nervous laugh). Again no pressure. Anyways, today I had to take a test in my brain. It was basically the test of Science. I tried remembering the 5 atmospheric layers. Well, I passed it, aced it, did it, done it. Well, if you’re curious to know the answer, here are the answers: first layer the bottom layer is Troposphere, next is Stratosphere, in the middle is Mesosphere, next is Thermosphere and the top layer is Exosphere. Now, after my test I went on the computer to take care of my Farm on Farmville. I tried to relax myself after Farmville by eating breakfast. Sometimes I take breakfast as a meditation. To calm my troubles. Also, before that, I pray to God which also protects me, cares for me and keeps me from evil.

Well, after the breakfast, I eventually went back on the computer. Then, by the next 15 minutes Michael and Daniel came downstairs. They knew, well actually Michael I was on the computer. I tried to tell them to do something else like play the Wii and mind their own freaking business in body language. But, I didn’t think they got it. Later on, Michael challenged me to a few games. Then, when my mom was awake and the birds were about to sing. Mr. Kristian (Daniel and Michael’s dad) came in to pick them up. Well, that looks like that will be the last time I see Michael while were at Florida. Lol. Well, they left without a trace. Thus, I was bored the rest of the day. I already wasted my game time in the morning. So, the rest of the afternoon hours were pretty boring.

Well, today Simon called and said he needed the bass he let me borrow back. So, the difficult part was that I had to hold the 14 pound bass in the air with the 3 pound stand across 43 yards. Well, what the hell was that for? I tried to ask why was I brought this. Than, I thought I should’ve asked Simon to come over my house to help me. Though, it was already too late for that. I was bringing it. Once I got to his house he rewarded me with letting him come inside. We had fun, wrestled, joked around, watched Animal Planet. The annoying part was that my brother tagged along. I smacked him in face because he’s always wanted to do whatever he wants and he gets it. Matthew almost started crying. Which annoyed me. Than, later on, I left. The day ended with a single quiet time. Everybody was also insulting me. So, I wasn’t good neither was the neighbors. Well, that’s life. 🙂