New Contest

Hey guys, whaz up?! New contest here are the results and questions

prizes for 1st: two webkinz items

Prizes for 2nd: 1 webkinz item

Prizes for 3rd: advertisement

Questions: 1. what is August’s pet of the month? In webkinz. 2. What is the title of my post about video games?

New update: I got 1,000 comments after the comment of Umph. 🙂

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16 comments on “New Contest

  1. The auust pet of the moth is the ******! Let me think about the other one…

  2. julianusginting says:

    mmhh…i think a dog…or cat???(thinking more…..)

  3. Gil says:

    Grey Arabian (2009) and Clydesdale (2007) ***** (2010) and the second… lemme see

  4. Kraftymomof2 told me that gil lied, ripped people off in trades and all kinds of other things. Do you know if this is true?

    • Andrew says:

      Really? I would like to talk to that guy, see why he’s saying that. Then, I’ll get to Gil. Tell whatever his name to come here and have the discussion in the chat page. The password for the chat page is animalboy123. Got it?

    • Gil says:

      Kitty I’m upset that you believe that person and spreading that around. Like I said on FVV, this is UNTRUE.

      • Andrew says:

        I don’t believe Kraftymom because since I’m an author I can see the moderated comments. I read yours and it made complete sense. I think that Kraftymom is a bitch. No offense, I already put a poll to see if Gil is good. Vote people.

  5. Nuug (also my wwid) says:

    PINK GOOGLES!! I hope the contest is not over!

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