Anger Time! + Sleeping Issues

May 27, 2010
Okay first of all. I got depressed in school, online, in real life and so on. Why were there any happy moments? Did I do something to make it like that? I don’t really know. All I know is bad things just keep coming back and forward to me.

1. I was dreaming of a man and a women. They had a strong relationship. But, they were from different nations. So, they couldn’t LEGALLY be married. They ended up getting in so much love, they fought against each other’s nations. Which was like, really weird. The women became evil for her strong relationship. So did the man. Then, it just revealed to me, the man was an God’s apprentice and the women was the Devil’s apprentice. Then, I got how they became evil. They were trying to do something no angel (or demon could do). Well, guess what, this isn’t the movie or TV world. This is real life and you have to think in social terms, or something bad is going to happen. I think I learned my lesson. Not to watch IMPOSSIBLE or POSSIBLE movies. Then, you get false fate, and get in trouble, then life goes on badly. Have you learned your lesson?

2. So, basically, I was ticked off because of the dream. It made me think bad about girls around me. Why? Well, once I you get something new you try to stay on that subject until you get the idea. Well, looks like I got the wrong idea ad I believed it. Of and btw, my sister Anabelle (you’ve probably seen her in one of my pictures) she’s sometimes snores like my brother, other sister, mom and dad. I am the only one that just breathes in my sleep. Though, it would be cool if I’d snore. Because, I haven’t experienced it, but I really would like to try it out. Then, probably my brother will have to tell me to shut up, or be quiet. I woke up, still in my bed. Waited for the best time to go downstairs to the computer, because, I sort of believe in the Paranormal activity. I’m still a Christian. It’s just that, I’ve been having some awkward times, like when one of my friends disappeared and other stuff like that. But, I was too scared to go downstairs when it was so dark down there. So, I was angry. Very angry! I wanted to smack my head against the wall or eventually curse out loud. But, I kept it in. Then, I went downstairs.

3. Then, when I got downstairs and started writing a post. Then, when I wanted a peaceful breakfast, my sister (Patricia) and my other sister (Anabelle) came downstairs. I was angry and ticked off at the same time. I ended up saying “eat breakfast somewhere else”. Then, my sister (Patricia) gave me the look that says did you just say something to me? Like she was famous and she didn’t need to be told. Then, she looked outside. I asked her why, she said she needed to see mom’s car. Then, she went upstairs. I knew she was going to tell on me. I asked her to come back and eat. Then, she looked satisfied with her work. I yelled at her and said “you were going to go tell on me!” she said no like she had no idea. See, that’s the thing I hate about Patricia, she thinks she’s perfect all the time and then does something stupid and comes up with an excuse. Grrrrrgh!!!!

4. Eventually, I didn’t do Science, so no Chemistry information today. Sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I’ll eventually do Science today at May 28, 2010. Instead I did lots of Social Studies. Then, I got to the point where I was at the semester assessment. I failed it MISERABLY! Then, my dad and mom and I got into a discussion about Social Studies. Then it came to the point where I was kind of happy or kind of pissed off. My mom first said, “you are going to be an economist”. WHAT!!!!!!?????? I hate being economists. Especially the ones on TV. The only reason I like them is because if the big money they make. Then, my dad disagreed and then they made a new deal. You are going to have to be a LAWYER! Oh my gosh. WTF!!!??? That is like one job I really don’t want. If, I suck at Social Studies. Then, I’ll suck at being an economist or Lawyer. But, mom explained you just need to know math. Which I becoming pretty good at.

Just to speak out, my sister (Patricia) is going to be the economist. Yepee!.

5. After school I got my book Percy Jackson book 2 delivered. I wanted to start reading it right now. But, I had to clean my room and stuff like that. But, then, my mom showed me this episode of Jim in Heaven (According to Jim). It was a pretty bad show. It gave a really bad example of God and the Devil. It was just so degrading to have seen God tempted to see a breast when a women took off one button. The devil was going to have a happy family in Hell. Just not right!!!!!

6. My mom let us go outside then, Alicia’s ball ended up in this deep pit where plastic gates were surrounding it. They were looking for someone who could jump into that hole. I decided to volunteer (participate). It took me awhile to get all the courage inside me to jump in. Then, I got inside and got the ball out. I was called a hero and everybody else wanted to do it too.
Happy ending.
Here’s an example of the hole. Not the hole but an example. Later I’ll try to take the picture. Darn it, the picture won’t load and it says I can’t delete it. Is my computer hacked?


May 28, 2010
Sleep was pretty bad tonight. I had to go into different positions. I started getting a fever. Got hot (really hot) and also started moaning so hard it annoyed me too as much as my mom and dad. Well, I’m not sure if they hear that.


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