The School Gets Tougher And So Do The Conversations

May 25, 2010
In many ways I have described the periodic tables with all it’s elements. Now, today, in school, I had to study adding molecules or the abbreviation of a molecule. Example: H20: Hydrogen+Oxygen=Water. Another example: Sodium(a metal that bursts into fire when located near water)+Chlorine(Chlorine is a green-yellow poisonous gas)=Table salt (which is not poisonous). Then I actually had to learn Compounds and the definition. Def: a compound is a substance that has 2 or more elements that are joined in a chemical reaction. Oh I hope Chemistry was fun for you guys. Because I seem to find it interesting. Although, there was this guy, he commented for the elements of the periodic table. He gave me this song to enjoy. Now, I am going to share it with you guys.


To make things simple, I would also like to point out that I got addicted to chemistry.

🙂 :mrgreen: 😆 😦 😀 😕 ‘__’ (different faces hehehe just wanted to add that for fun)

After Chemistry, I was struck, I didn’t know what to do, Or I just didn’t want to do anything. Yeah, that sounds more like me. I tried to ignore doing my other subjects. But my dad was so uptight with me that, if he caught me coming in the kitchen doing nothing he would send me back to school. I tried to stay upstairs and listen to the radio (I listen to Vh1 and Project 9.6.1[well, I haven’t seen the site, but I like the rock]) but even though I was upstairs my dad could still remember I had school to do. Well, I tried to let it go. Because, I wanted to go to an actual public school (which I’m sort of at) and I gotta learn not to take lots of breaks.

My dad forced me to do 1 lesson of Math, 2 lessons of Social Studies (actually I did 3) and 2 lessons of Science. For some reason the subjects were really quick. Well, I would expect Math to be really quick. But not Social Studies. All I had to do was a optional Unit review and a Unit Assessment (well, later I’ll get to the part I did 3 lessons). Science was only about Molecules and Compounds and Chemical Reaction. I kind of had problems trying to figure out the Molecules. But, I mastered it like a intermediate. Here’s a picture of a molecule: Well, this was the easiest example I could give you because the other one were too advanced.
I decided to write Gil’s URL so he could have visitors. Here’s his URL:

I’m not trying to be ignorant or spontaneous, but I judge Math for all of its curriculum. Multiplying fractions, adding fractions, dividing fractions, subtracting decimals, adding decimals, percentages, long division and long multiplication. But, I am doing pretty good with Math lately and today I am doing the Unit Assessment for Math. Here’s another good thing. I got my results for the CRCT! I passed every subject except Social Studies. We needed to get 800 or higher to pass. I don’t study Social Studies so much, but I got 794 which looks like I passed that grade through my family’s eyes. My sister (Patricia) passed every subject and failed nothing. Wow! I am so happy for her. Matthew (my annoying buy sometimes loving brother) passed everything but Language arts. Well, I thought that was a big problem. But it wasn’t really. All the subjects Matthew did for the CRCT was: Math, Reading and Language arts. If he failed Reading or Math he REALLY would have failed. But he didn’t.
My mom and dad told me when we went to Chuk-E-Cheeses for my sister’s birthday. They saw the super star Monique! Wow! So, amazing!

Another thing was, when I went outside I caught Logan, Tina, Frankie and Nicholas playing outside with my brother Matthew and Patricia. When I went outside Logan already had to leave. Which was okay for me. Then, Nicholas was mistreating these 14 year old girls. Well, I’ve known them since I moved here. One of them was just sitting on a greenish-blue pipe thing and the other one was holding a water gun and pointing at Nicholas to threaten him. Here’s what was embarrassing. Nicholas was letting his Sensuality be available to see through me. I’m not sure if the girls noticed, but, I talked them out with what I do. Like what school do I do, I have a blog, how I did on my CRCT, telling other achievements I made and that’s pretty much it.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

10 comments on “The School Gets Tougher And So Do The Conversations

  1. Gil says:

    Thanks for the link Andrew 😉 I appriciate it. It’s sort of like my Blog of the Day

  2. julianusginting says:

    wow..amazing…the chemical reaction

  3. Gil says:


  4. andera says:

    u rely suck boo hoo

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