What Went Wrong?

May 23, 2010
I am so sorry for the misfortune yesterday. I… I didn’t post! If that was bad for you, comment out loud, but if you were okay, comment with a little lower voice. Besides, I barely had comments on my post and I needed to write the Magic Soup yesterday. Since, I am writing about what happened yesterday, I prefer saying today so we keep on track with yesterday’s happening.

News Report:
91 spammers commented on my blog, but, I was able to delete each one of them.

I was able to see my new group!

I was able to write Rukimaya
but, I didn’t have time to write the post.

Lost is over! No more Lost!!!!! No!!!!!! (sobs) 😦
Now, for each of these informations I am going to write about are going to be separate. Get it? I finally found out this cool tool to separate: paragraphs, stories, (like Magic Soup) sad times and stuff like that.

Now, spammers can be annoying little guys or annoying big guys. But, it really doesn’t matter, since you have Askimest. I never heard of Askimest when I just started this blog. Then, I overheard the word, so, I decided to go on his site to see what he was really all about. The information looked catchy, interesting and awesome. Then, I read more, I was so amazed. I didn’t have to deal with spammers being allowed on to my blog. Though, I was always wondering “where would all the spammers go?”. I didn’t try to worry about that. I just relaxed my head and let Askimest do the work (basically, I trusted where the information was going was okay). A few months passed, I saw my comments bar changing. But, there was no unapproved comments. I was going nuts when this happened. I asked my dad what was happening. He explained it, I understood. So, now, at this very day, I see spammers coming like locusts. That’s why I had a busy day with 91 spammers. “I am a Spammer Farmer”

Now, I was excited, for today the most because I got to see this awesome new group in church. It’s called Xtreme. It’s only for the middle schoolers though. But, pretty much my whole class is 11 years old, so I think I ‘m ready to move up. First of all, we saw a bunch of rooms when we were running through a whole way. Then, we saw a huge stage as shown in the picture below. And when we saw that stage, I was stage fright, there were thousands of grownups and kids. Some kids were moving up to high school (which I have never heard of a High school in church). But, most of the kids made a line to the front stage and we just ran, clapping there hands (with there hands stretched out). Whiley and I were the only people in my group that got at the very front station. When the guys played the music it was so awesome, then we had to do worship for a total of 1 hour.


Now, I know Magic Soup didn’t come through, but I didn’t have much time. Even though if I had time I would not have time for writing the post. Rukimaya looked bad to my parents and my friends, which was even worse. All, I have to say is that, I didn’t succeed to write my Magic Soup post. Sorry to y’all.

It’s over, Lost is over. A brilliant show that was going on for 6 years is finally over. NO!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand writing about it. See ya!


8 comments on “What Went Wrong?

  1. Gil says:

    Hey Andrew,

    I see you’r finding the right tools to make finding things on your blog easier. Congrats! 🙂 I think you’r a great bloger. 91 SPAMMERS?! Wow, I have only like 65 😛

  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah, computer is the most interesting device. 🙂 ~lost in the clouds~
    Well, seems spammers notice I have a really successful blog they want a part of it.

  3. Gil says:

    Andrew, that’s not the way spamming works. Spam is a message that was writen by a robot (not an actual robot – a software that has been told to) and is sent to hundreds of blogs and website in seconds – it is usually done by people who want you to go to their sites (which often contain pornography and other inapproperiate things) or to give your viruses (BE CAREFUL WITH SPAM). And not to be mean, but you’ve had this blog for quiet some time and it’s at about 6,000 views and I have had FarmVilleValley for less time and it has passed 5,060 views. No offense but be sure what you are saying before you do.

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I know that (since you’ve told me several times)> 😆

      I thought it was only a computer. Well, goes both ways. :mrgreen:

      Seconds, wow, I would be suprpised if it was milliseconds but that is ridiculous. 🙂

      Several spammers come to my blog to bring me to porn. Like once, a Japanese guy (robot) gave links to me. It was in Japanese so I couldn’t understand it. My sister came along to look, it gave a link to porn.

      Dude, I get 1000 views each month. You’ve had your NEW blog for how long?

      • Gil says:

        That’s unlucky 😛 Well I have had FarmVilleValley for four whole months and this is the fifth. That is about 1000 views each month – and to be precise, this month we’ve had 1,125 visitors and it isn’t yet over.

      • Andrew says:

        You know how many views I got in a month? About 1,472 views. But this month is around 1,312 views. Thanks for sharing. Though, you just started blogging about Farm Ville. So, I would understand. 🙂

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