What Do You Call These Days?

May 22, 2010
Man, today was a very strange day. No doubt about it. I had headaches, then bellyaches, then another headache, flu and some kind of cold. Besides that, I had weird dreams, weird visions and awful smells.

Okay, I’m going to start with the dreams. During the night I was dreaming about these two people (one black and white [not trying to be races]) who were dressed in sweaters that were the color blue and grayish-green. Then, the other one was wearing a black t-shirt with the words imprinted “Jackes Soofel”. Then, I teleported in my house. I looked allover the house, but my room seemed to look different. Then, the dream faded away.

After the dreams, I woke up around 8 in the morning. I was thinking about how my day was going to go. Then, I started to have sad thoughts. I don’t know why. But, Titanic, was the first movie that came up to mind. I haven’t seen Titanic, but I’ve seen the preview (which was created by James Camron [who created Avatar]) several times and I heard the song, which showed the ship falling down with all the people.

I wanted to go ask my mom if we were going to have pancakes. I didn’t do that right away, but soon I did. Oh and did I forget to mention my dad has a Blackberry. In 2 weeks he’s having the Evo phone (HTC). Well, when I got into the room, I saw my dad using the phone. He was checking his ringtones. Well, I decided to help him. It actually happened to work. Especially, when I had to take a picture of my good looks (just kidding, I don’t think only about my looks). The good thing was, my dad didn’t need to search the web for some ringtones. They already had a set list set for him. It looked as if had hundreds of options. Well, I helped him, it worked out, I figured out I wasn’t having pancakes. The morning was good enough.

Then, it came to a point where there was nothing on TV that was interesting and I had to go outside. I twas actually 10 in the morning when I went outside. There was nobody outside to hang out with. So, I went to King, he’s always available in the early mornings (on weekends). Eventually, it took him 3 minutes to get his clothes on (which felt like several hours). We walked around the neighborhood, talking about singers and bands like: Linkin Park, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jay Z and Kelly Clarkson. When we went back to our side of the neighborhood, we saw Savino coming toward us. I was acting cool about it because I didn’t want to sound like a popular chooser. I wished I could’ve ignored him, but he already got King to talk to him. So, I decided to start a conversation. Sometimes I feel lucky being around Savino.

Today was actually Alicia’s pool party. Though, my family wasn’t allowed to come. Neither was Savino, Simon and King. Only Nicholas and Alicia’s other friends. After the party Simon and I were throwing water bombs at each other. We were soaking wet. Then, I played Guitar Hero 3. Had fun. The, I watched True Jackson. Though, all the information left I have is my mom RIGHT NOW is watching Lord of the Rings. :mrgreen:


10 comments on “What Do You Call These Days?

  1. Gil says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Sounds you and your family rise early 🙂 I have never seen Titanic. AND PLEASE: spell her name right! Lady GaGa, not Lady Gaga. I HATE it when people do that 😛 Sorry, got weirded out 🙂 Ha I’m having a wierd night…

    • Andrew says:

      Well, since were home schoolers, doesn’t mean we don’t have to wake up early in the morning. I just choose to wake up then. Titanic? Dude, you must know James Camron (the one who made Avatar). He made that movie. Ah whatever. What does it matter how you capitalize it? Are you her biggest fan or something? 😀

  2. abu ghalib says:

    hi, Andrew… good morning

    happy to see you again, it seems not fair, I understand your story but you don’t.
    sometimes i’ll write something special for you in my blog.

    hehe…nice situation on weekend

  3. julianusginting says:

    be nice today bro…i call today is smiling day…hehe….pisss..

  4. Stanly says:

    Dude, since Nuug comments hundreds of times. I’ll do that too. Also I think, Nuug, is Kitty.

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