Not So Heroic

May 21, 2010
I can’t explain today’s school. Because I don’t have enough time. Just everything else except school. But before I can get into that. I finished my Literature Unit Assessment. 😀

First of all, there is a heroic girl. Her name is Webkinz Central. I am writing a post about her and this is her link: I am also putting a picture of her so you can realize her and comment on her blog.

Then, I was playing the computer on Dragonfable (which I forgot to write about). While I was playing, my friend Simon called. I couldn’t answer because I couldn’t play on computer while talking on the phone. So, my dad just had to say I wasn’t available right now.

I went outside, I played with everyone. But, Simon was acting differently. He was acting defensively. I don’t know what went up. Savino brought up wrestling. Which I don’t like. Then, he went home. Nicholas, Matthew and Patricia were at the club-house talking then we had to go outside. So today wasn’t so heroic and talk-about. Sorry. 😦

4 comments on “Not So Heroic

  1. Aw, heroic? 😀 so sweet…
    thanks so much for my site being linked up there!

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