Today Was Kind Of Great

May 20, 2010
Hey! It’s Andrew, as you know it. I just wanted to note that Webkinz Central MIGHT be my author and if she is a good author. She could probably be an Administrator. I hope she is reading this too, because she has been commenting lately.

First of all, I did my Math test, which was 3 hours long. That’s actually pretty long. Because it felt like I was carrying a truck from my house to Alabama. Well, not exactly like that. But, like a metaphor. First of all they gave me difficult Algebraic Expression questions. Which they hadn’t told me how to do. So, to me, whenever I did an Algebraic Expression, it felt like going over a hill with the truck on my back. Yet, that was another metaphor. I’ve been doing Literature and they taught me Similes and Metaphors. So, I’m into that subject.

Now, I started with Science (like always) and ended up doing two lessons with fate and passion. I checked my progress, it said I had %39. But on the grownup guide, it said I had %41. Which is good. I just need to get %50 and I pass the subject. I got to cocky and thought about doing more subjects. But I couldn’t do it. Because I had more school to handle. Though, I was studying Motion and Mass. It was interesting. It also helped me get through fight moves. That’s not so good. But it’s good for protection.

Then, my dad alerted me that I had to focus on Literature. I tried to make my dad proud. So, I did around 5 or 6 lessons. So, now, I need to do one more lesson of the Sleepy Hollow and the Unit Assessment. Yah! Now, I have %36. It’s better than %31.

After that, I did Math, Estimating decimals. Pretty easy than Multiplying decimals. Who knows the places of the decimals? I bet everybody does.

? ? ? ? ?

I used some knives and I got in trouble. It was bad because I was cutting a branch, which is against nature. Especially for my age, I’m to young to use one.

Right now were watching House. Awesome doctor show. At least better than Greg’s Anatomy. Also I am posting Yah! See ya.


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