Wonderful Day

May 19, 2010
Yes, I accomplished a lot of things today. Except school didn’t go so well. Sadly, when school doesn’t go good, I feel desperate. But, everything else went great.

First of all, I got a new commenter here. His name is julianusginting. He has an awesome blog and has a good taste in posts since he enjoyed my post. I noticed his comment around 6 or 7 in the morning. I was actually pleased with his comment. Though, I have had better comments from people like Gil, Sammy, Asop and especially Webkinz Central (WC).

Now, today I needed to do Study Island first before I started any serious school. Since I was behind with Grammar, my dad told me to do that subject for awhile. So, today I needed to study important details. Meaning I needed to read a long paragraph and answer which part of the paragraph was unnecessary. Also, I needed to add important details. Now, that was the hard part. They constantly gave me naive questions and naive answers. Like, if I needed to cook something, it said I would need to know the size of the pan I wads cooking with. Now, I am no cooking expert (or intermediate) but to me that sounds really weird. After that, I failed, then I tried 2 more times. Still, wasn’t getting through my head. Then they gave me this optional lesson whenever I failed. I did and passed. Then, I understood how the lesson works. After the Study Island I decided to listen to some music. But, I felt so guilty that I could only take one song. Then, my dad came downstairs and gave me a test that was kind of similar to the CRCT. I needed to take it now because I only had three days to do 4 subjects or 3 subjects. It took me through 8 in the morning ti’ll 10 in the morning. Well, that’s about as long as the CRCT. But, I would expect that from a reading test, because you have to read long paragraphs and answer questions.

After the test, I needed to start out with Science. I had a Unit assessment for Science. I am also so sorry for saying I had a Unit Assessment for Science last time. I meant I had a Unit Assessment for Literature. Now, the Unit Assessment was pretty easy since I got a review. Though, I needed to take 26 questions which is a lot of questions for a Unit Assessment. After that, I needed to do 4 chapters on Social Studies, which was 36 pages. It took me 3 hours to finish that. I couldn’t take much more. So, I decided to do one lesson for today. My dad was disappointed in the humble way. He seemed to have joy. So, he went easy on me. Then, I took Math. Just one lesson since I did 5 lessons yesterday. It was pretty much about subtracting Decimals. 2 questions I got incorrect because of a special way they did with estimation. But I passed it happily.

I intend to figure out why Kitty got a lot of questions from a guy called Nuug. He is a good guy. Though, he annoys me. He won a contest and commented about 100 times for NO reason. Well, I think it was a reason.

I did Literature once, but it didn’t satisfy me. I had to study about Rip Van Winkle. It took me 14 pages to read session one. That is a lot! Though, it didn’t seem like I was pressured. I think I was trying to skip it.

Today I am about to watch the LAST Lost episode! That’s so unfair. 😦


12 comments on “Wonderful Day

  1. I really have never seen lost. Is it good?
    I’m sure he just wanted to win. (dont we all?)
    Study Island? 😀
    AND last of all, what do you mean by- Though, I have had better comments from people like Gil, Sammy, Asop and especially Webkinz Central (WC).

    I think you asked me something on my blog. I forget. :\

    • Andrew says:

      It’s like the best series (said by my mom, sister, brother and I).
      Nuug, annoying. I will only forgive him if he comments on my blog. 😆

      Study Island is a special study site. Just an optional.
      Like, you given me better compliments about my posts. 😀

      I asked if you wanted to be my author.

  2. julianusginting says:

    i hope all day is a wonderful day…be smile… 🙂

  3. what’s all this about nuug asking me all these questions? I saw you asked me if I was nuug just on a diffrent form and NO I am not. And I wonder why you even asked me that in the first place. Tell me on my blog. Oh and I heard you got a webkinz account! I will add you right now!

    • Andrew says:

      I was just curious. I didn’t know, that’s why I asked you. So, I don’t go out assuming and blabbering out Kitty is foul commenter. Yeah, I told you. 🙂

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