Today Pretty Good

May 18, 2010
Actually today was a great day! I finished Math, I got to celebrate my sister’s birthday and I got some great guests.

To talk about school. I did two lessons in Literature, Social Studies and Science. I am %38 done with Social Studies and Science. I need to get to %50 to complete my subjects. Well, Social Studies was pretty easy. All I had was an optional lesson and the Unit Assessment. Basically, I had to do a review of the unit then study. Science was all about the precipitation, forecasts, dangerous storms and hurricanes. I am good now at Science. So, I love Science. Now, Math, I decided to finish the whole unit so I can finally be done with it. But I figured out I just needed to do 5 lessons which were pretty easy and I had to only study decimals. Pretty easy.

But, I had to get ready for Chuk-E-Cheeses. My sister was given 2 options to celebrate for her birthday. They were: Go to Chuk-E-Cheeses or Monkey-Joes. She decided Chuk-E-Cheeses. Well, I would’ve picked Monkey-Joes. We stayed and played for 3 hours there. While I was wasting my coins playing Guitar hero 3. After I was done playing, I saw Mecheala (mei-kayh-lah) and Patricia playing in front of the camera. So I decided to barge in. But, they weren’t to happy about that. Morgan was there too. So Mecheala and Morgan beat me so hard. I started bleeding. After that it was birthday party over. Though, while I was listening to music, I found a band called Bullet For My Valentine. It’s an awesome band that plays hard-rock and Metal. I heard one song that reminded me of war. Listen and observe 😆

Right now guests are at my house and if I behave, I get paid. Yepee!


2 comments on “Today Pretty Good

  1. julianusginting says:

    nice posting bro….cheers..

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