Dragon Fable: Info 4

I have heard that Mech Quest and Dragon Fable are coming into competition. If I am right. Mech Quest is another website that is all about becoming a huge machine and shooting other machines. I like Dragon Fable better. Why? Because you get to become a Mage, (wizard) Rogue (what ever that is) and a Warrior and you get to fight: Water creatures, monsters, spirits, machines, dragons, other people, little animals and evil. That’s way more availability than Mech quest. Agree?

Water Orb Saga
Don’t be alarmed players. You’ve gone through more harder quests like: the underworld experience or Ravenloss. Oh, and speaking of Ravenloss. Tomix has a new quest for you. I have already completed about five quests. So, I am waiting for the sixth to come out. Here’s another thing, if you don’t want to make Tomix feel lonely in Ravenloss set Ravenloss as your home town (meaning every time you log in you’ll be in Ravenloss). Tomix will also give you a compliment saying “you are very brave (name needed)”. Oh Tomix, why do you have to look so good in the game?

Now, you may think he looks weird or whatever, but I would like that hair style. Because white is a cool hair color and how his hair is stretched doesn’t bring me to any crazy fact. Also, soon Tomix will open a new option called “Become a Soul-Weaver”. Oh yeah! I have been waiting for that moment for so long. Besides Artix’s option “Become a Paladin” is old and now Artix is gone for some reason. Now to get back to the Water Orb Saga. It says on the news calender: “Talk to Aquella in the Locker to take part in the Water Orb finale! The Locker’s random quests have been added too! And be sure to visit Sunbreeze Grove to meet Lady Celestia’s new apprentice, Elysia! 5 point dragon chow is also on sale for DC’s there.” Every single word I said was from the text. I just didn’t get what did Lady Celestia and her Apprentice Elysia (which I already saw) had to do with the Water Orb Saga.

How the heck am I going to be able to get to the Locker? Anybody that knows please comment on this post to give me the answer. I really need to get to the Locker. Never mind I just got to the Locker. Hahaha. It was really cool. The Johnny Fish’s mother looked really angry at me. I mean it looked pissed off I caught it. Now I am fighting sharks. What?! That’s so unfair. Well, I found the Locker. I should be happy. I am going to complete my quest.


7 comments on “Dragon Fable: Info 4

  1. Stanly says:

    Now, I have Black hair and my favorite hair color is red. So, I don’t think Tomix is that attractive. I still don’t get why the girls in Dragon Fable think he’s cute. If he’s cute then I wanna be cute. Just kidding. Did you notice that 2,312,412 people were online yesterday at the same time?

    • Andrew says:

      I like White as a hair color, but blonde too me is the best. I get why. Because he has a good hair style. I don’t wanna be attracted to so many girls. Because some of the girls can be half spider or something else. I never heard of that record hit. That’s amazing

  2. mathias says:

    Enter your comments here…

  3. mathias says:

    gold and xpe and wepoon

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