My Day Went Bad

Sorry, no good today. I barely got to do my fun Saturday stuff today and I also woke up around 5 in the morning. Which is very annoying. 😦

I showed Patricia this video about Avatar and it was pretty funny. I can’t show you the video because it is inappropriate for 15 and under. Though, I ate my cereal (could’ve eaten pancakes), brushed my teeth, washed my face and went on Asop’s blog. Man, Asop is such a good friend to me and so is everybody else. Gil, Sammy (Sasammygirl) Kitty, Stanly and WC (Webkinz Central). Though, I have something I have to talk to Sammy about. Also I will mention it later on in the post.

When it started coming to the afternoon point I started playing video games. On my PSP. So it went on. My mom just told us that we had to make birthday cards for my dad. Tomorrow i his birthday. So it took us 3 hours because Matthew was taking it slowly and sloppy. So, I ended up not able to come outside for the rest of the day. Just because I didn’t watch Matthew properly.

After awhile Patricia and I played Wii Play and Matthew and I played Guitar Hero 3. It was 5 hours of madness. I couldn’t think about anything else but video games. So, I went to play PSP again, I beat a metal song and got shiny stars.

Now, to talk about Sammy. She is mostly my second best friend (online) and I haven’t really talked about anything bad about her except when I accidentally said something bad about the band she loves Black Viel Brides. Now, I love their song Knives and Pens. I got used to it. But this evening I noticed Sammy out a new post. I read the title, it had my name on it. I read the post. Guess what, she turned me into a complete fool. She said Andrew (through the Merriam Dictionary) was a name for clowning around. WHAT?! I wanna talk with her.


21 comments on “My Day Went Bad

  1. ~Avery~ says:

    lighten up DUDE ur so uptight

  2. I would be honored if my name meant clowning around. I’m sure she didnt mean it in a mean way (well maybe she didd…) but either way, think about it, and realize its not that big of a thing.
    😀 }:-)

  3. sasammygirl says:

    I didn’t mean that way Andrew, and technically the thing that meant “fooling around publicly” was the term “Merry-Andrew”. Why can’t people just laugh about themselves? I laugh at myself all the time.

  4. sasammygirl says:

    And further more I didn’t turn you into a fool, thats just what Merriam-Dictionary said your name meant, or technically “Merry-Andrew”, I hardly put anything in there that wasn’t copy-pasta (because all my Saturday posts I try to make minescule). I don’t know how I could have embarrased you, I call Avery Elf counsel all the time and she thinks its funny (thats what Avery means).

    • Andrew says:

      Well, than the Merriam Dictionary did it. Now, I am not mad. Avery means Elf counsel? I don’t think that’s funny. not in the mean way.

      • sasammygirl says:

        Maybe if you CAREFULLY examined it, you would know that it was saying “Merry Andrew” not Andrew. So instead of making a scene, next time think it through, okay? Mmm’kay.

      • Andrew says:

        Sammy, If I read that post a few more times I still wouldn’t come to a conclusion that you meant “Merry Andrew”. Because first of all, you could of just said no offense at the end of the post. Or, you could just say what you really meant to say.

      • sasammygirl says:

        Andrew the post said MERRY ANDREW. Not Andrew, and that was what I meant to say, what are you saying? ❓ Mayeb you should have actually read the post? Instead of skimming it through?

      • Andrew says:

        You mean when your post said: Main Entry: mer·ry–an·drew? Makes sense, but I didn’t know that was what you actually meant. Sorry, but why’d you put Definition: Andrew if you meant to say Merry Andrew. Skimming? I may have done that on some of Willow’s posts but not yours. I just get confused.

      • sasammygirl says:

        Because I assumed people would be intelligient enough to comprehend every aspect of what was written. My mistake for putting to much faith into people.

      • Andrew says:

        No, it’s actually both of our mistakes. I was skimming. Kind of. And you put too much faith into people. Are we okay now?

      • sasammygirl says:

        I really never meant anything to happen, I’m cool of you’re cool. I just assumed people could laugh at themselves and not at others for once. Like I said, I laugh at myself all the time, why can’t other? Pft, they’re so conceited.

      • Andrew says:

        I can now understand that. Hey I’m cool. I can laugh at myself, it’s just I didn’t et the joke at first. Do you think I am conceited?

      • sasammygirl says:

        If you can laugh at yourself than you are surely not conceited Andrew.

      • Andrew says:

        Okay, I’ll try that. I’ll try not to be conceited. 😀

    • yiatku says:

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