Geekish Personality

May 13, 2010
You may believe that Science or Social Studies are easy subjects. Or you may think Math and Language arts are easy subjects. Well, they are easy subjects, it just depends if you know how the process works. Now, I know how to do every subject besides Math and Science completely fine. The problem is that in my school, Math is easy for everyone except for me. That really stinks. Though, I don’t have to be down, I already know some people that are guilty of this. I am not going to say their name, all I am going to do is keep my mouth shut.

Yesterday was pretty good and bad at the same time. Because the good thing was I passed the Unit Assessment on Math and I finished a lesson on Science. Soon in the next lesson on Science I will have my Semester Assessment. But today I am going to take a Semester Assessment on Math. Literature is not something I am worrying about. Because I am so good. I’ve read: William Shakespeare, George Washington, George Washington Carver, Rick Riordan and more. I am an expert at reading. Thanks to my dad. But, my dad is no expert at Math. So that goes to mom to help with Math. :mrgreen:

Today I had to do 2 lessons of Math, Literature, Science and Social Studies. Well, I forgot about doing 2 Social Studies, but I did do one that counts. Sometimes I get ticked off about school. My mom had t help me with a Math lesson. So, guess what? There was a typo. But the rest of the Math I did great. So, my mom made me feel confident. Oh and just to point out I was really angry my dad and I couldn’t figure this out. It was stupid. I decided to listen to some music. So, I just went on my blog a little bit and listened to some music. Hey, have you noticed I have music on my blog? Maybe not. Doesn’t really matter.

Literature I basically studied Paul Revere and his great adventure to save the people from the British. I rally don’t care about his heroic event. I only care about his beautiful poem. Also, there was another lesson in Literature which I had to study an African girl called Philip Wheatley. She was an amazing poem writer and she knew how to speak Latin! Very amazing. All the languages I want to know are: Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Romanian. Well, I am about to learn Chinese in K12 in Middle school (Next year). This time my plan won’t be so packed. You know what sucks? We start our vacation around June 6th and until then we are still doing school. How precious of us.

I just can’t wait until Summer. Then everybody is going to be outside. We’ll be at home.

I also watched Twilight Saga New Moon it was awesome.


8 comments on “Geekish Personality

  1. Asop says:

    Twilight New Moon??
    That movie hasn’t been released in my country.. 😆

    • Andrew says:

      Of course it has Asop. 🙂

      • Asop says:

        Really? In Indonesia? Awww man, I really don’t know… I don’t really like to go to cinema. I’m always waiting until the DVD is out. Of course the original one, not the pirated version. 😆

        Andrew, would you mind to do something for me? I would like you to change my blog URL into the new one. I appreciate that. 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        Oh, okay. I only go to the cinemas sometimes. I sometimes watch the pirated version.

        I couldn’t understand. You wan me to change your URL to which new one? Though, I would do it for you.

  2. ImUmPh says:

    I intermediate in math. :lol I had great enough score of it.
    That you suppose to do is practice Andrew.

    Do you know, May 14th is my birthday! 😀

    I have watched New Moon, I think the story is so flat. It’s talk about love.

    • Andrew says:

      Me too. Same here.

      Wow, my birthday is May 8, 2010, my sister’s birthday is May 6, 2010 and my dad’s birthday is on May 16, 2010. Well, I think the first story is so flat.

      • ImUmPh says:

        Wow… May Family…. Happy Birthday for all your family member! 😀

        I just can’t wait for Eclipse. I guess it’s better than New Moon!

        Your link have been added to my blogroll. please exchange! 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks man… 🙂
        I only saw new moon, but I think eclipse will be better.
        Sure I’ll add you to my blogroll.

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