Dragon Fable: Info 3

Visit Ash in Falconreach to create your very own special Ash Dragonblade character slot and complete Ash’s first official quest. Can you rescue the girl in time?

Earn FREE Dragon Coins!
HAPPENING NOW! Dragonfable is happy to now offer our players the change to earn FREE DRAGON COINS with our AExtras program!

Now any player can earn FREE DCs which can be used to buy some of the most rare and powerful weapons and items in the game, simply by signing up for sopnsor-supported offers!

The new AExtras DF page can be found HERE!

Or, if you aren’t comfortable giving out personal information or filling out surveys, you can always get Dragon Coins directly from us by clicking HERE.

Armor Closet
The armor closet is finally here! Get this special house item to gain immediate access to all armors that you’ve unlocked in the past (including last year’s Pumpkin Armor). For this weekend only the price has been set to 500 Dragon Coins as a special for our dedicated players. Starting on Monday the price of the closet goes up to 1000 Dragon Coins.

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