Nice Day Posting Thrice

This day went good. I would also like to point out there was a contest I put below and it looks like Kitty is coming close to first prize. So better get to work fast! Here’s the link:

Now, my day went pretty great. I went to go see Percy Jackson yesterday, I got to feel confident on school today, I listened to some good music and so on. I also got as much comments as I needed. Especially a comment from Kitty. As you know I work at Kitty’s blog so I have to post about webkinz. That got me tempted to get another Webkinz account. BTW, I think webkinz should be for everybody, it doesn’t matter if you are a teen and you play. It matters what you like. To me, I think Webkinz can’t beat this AWESOME game called Dragon Fable. You may have seen it on my blogroll, I put that on my blogroll so you guys could try it out. Though, if you have any disagreements about fighting spirits, monsters, see serpents, trolls and other stuff, this wouldn’t be the best game for you. But I like it because it is so my type of games.

School went pretty good, except for Science. That lesson I had to study on sucked. I studied of how air is being built. Meaning Atmosphere. I don’t like Science so much but I have to put up with it. Just like I don’t like Math because it’s hard. Science and Math are difficult subjects, so whenever I have stress I come to my mom for help. She is really good at helping. She helps me understand the problems with experiments. Now why didn’t I come up with that? Ah Whatever!

Today, I also got 61 views today. Now that is not a big deal with Kitty, because I have seen his stats. Man he usually gets about 50 or 60 views a day. While sometimes I get only 20s and 30s. Highest record I have gotten to was 184 views see ya. OOOH! WC just commented.

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