New Contest Baby!

Yeah! First contest ever! If it would please you, I will say the first prizes the winners get.

1st prize: Free Advertisement and a post that brings viewers to there site.

2nd prize: Free Advertisement

3rd prize: The password to the chat page.

Let’s listen to some music after this great moment.

All of you have to answer these 2 questions.

This contest has been deleted and beat by WC.

Who is my best friend? Dead line: May 23

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22 comments on “New Contest Baby!

  1. Stanly says:

    Wow, didn’t notice there was going to be a contest. Yeah, only if I had a blog, I would participate, but I don’t have one. Sadly. I can answer the first question, but I would spoil the surprise. I have no idea who is your best friend, I just hope it’s ME.

    I don’t like listening to Train, though I like Soul Sister. I usually like to listen to the Beatles, Five Finger Death Punch and Linkin Park.

    • Andrew says:

      Don’t Participate Stanly. Wow? That quick? Well, I am sorry to say this, but you are down below, only because I just met you. I dislike Train. I just got into listening Five Finger Death Punch.

  2. your site started on decemebr 13 2009 or january 4 2010 I think your best friend is either **** or what ever his name is or ****. I will delete your post you made on my blog because advertising would be better in a comment not a post. Feel free to comment about it though! 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      You got the date wrong, but you were close with the names. Try to guess which one. But this is your last choice. Though, I am going to have to delete the names because somebody could cheat.

  3. PiplupU says:

    1. December 7, 2009
    2. Er, can I guess that one in another comment? Please and thank you 😛

  4. made decemeber 7th and your friend I think is nayiir or whatever his name is.

  5. date- december 7? or 6th?

  6. friend- savino or alex?

  7. *bows* thank you very much!

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