Dragon Fable: Info 1

I am going to start writing about Dragon Fable too. Because I love that game. Still, I will be talking about my life and all that. But this is a new thing I wanted to alert you about.

DragonFable News

Train your dragon!
HAPPENING NOW! You are the hero of DragonFable, and by your side stands your valiant companion, your dragon! If you haven’t gotten your dragon companion yet, find out how to train your dragon from a hatchling to titan-sized and fulfill your destiny of saving the world!

Into the Depths
HAPPENING NOW! Have you finally given in? Has Kathool’s influence turned you from a hero… into a minion? Or can you fight back? Log in now to face the corrupted minions of the Deep One and try to save Aquella, and yourself, from their twisted fate!

Talk to Lim in Falconreach to do the next Clashening quest in Cysero’s Garden! Help Lim figure out the Theory of Gravitivity!

Hunter’s Paradise
HAPPENING NOW! The Hunter’s Paradise Inn is open for business! Talk to Karina to go on quests all over Lore hunting strange and dangerous new monsters. Bring back the pelts, fangs, and claws and trade them in to Teral for new gear!

Make sure to make time to talk to Tomix! He has three new random quests for you to explore in Ravenloss! Gather the Shards of the Spirit-Loom to train Soulweaver armor at the end of the quest chain!

How long can you resist?
Kathool awakens and everything mortal in The Locker can feel his influence… even you! How long can you resist his call? Will you be able to find Davey’s Locker in time? Log in now to fight the influence of Kathool Achoo!

Talk to Tomix and get ready for a trip to the park: Silkwood Park! But beware, it’s not going to be a picnic, because you’ll be facing 3 new monsters as you search for the Shell Key!

Terror in Tethys!
HAPPENING NOW! Knocked out cold in the basement of the Tethys Tower, your conciousness is open and unguarded… and Kathool is working his way in! What does the ancient denizin of the deep have to show you? Will you able to escape the nightmare and tell Aquella what you discovered? Log in now to find out!

Be sure to stop by Alac’s Mana Potion shop in Falconreach; you’ll be able to train your Mana Alchemy skill with a new minigame to increase how much your mana potions will heal!

Limited Time: The Rixty Ripper!
NOW AVAILABLE! Got a hoard of loose change? Transform it into Upgrades and the rare Rixty Ripper Scythe at Coinstar using Rixty! Rixty lets you purchase Upgrades and DragonCoins by exchanging your change for BattleOn Points for FREE at 10,000 Coinstar machines throughout the USA. You can also buy a Rixty prepaid card at a nearby convenience store and transfer your cash online with no fees. Rixty currently has over 18,000 convenience store locations nationwide. See the Design Notes for more information!
DragonFable Firefox Personas
NOW AVAILABLE! Click on this link and you’ll be able to select a DragonFable-themed skin for your Firefox browser! A great way to display your favorite DragonFable items and people, even when you’re not playing!

Learn Aquella’s Secret
HAPPENING NOW! Talk to Aquella in The Locker to learn the secret of her nature and where all the other Water Elves have gone! Two quests to explore in The Locker!

IN STORES NOW! Talk to Ash in Falconreach to purchase the Mighty 100K Scythe for 100,000 gold! It’s Rarity score is OVER 9000! (Literally.) Or purchase the same scythe in Cysero’s Superstore for 400 DragonCoins!

Roll the dice, get Critical Failure
HAPPENING NOW! Talk to Cysero in Falconreach to do the Critical Failure quest, suggested by 15cman! You’ll need to rescue the townspeople of Falconreach from the life-size board game Cysero’s made!

Check out the Player Suggestion items suggested by Zarcon, Marth234, and Mephiles the Dark in the shop in Falconreach and the Travel Gryphon house item in the DC Shrubs shop at the Real Estate orb!m

The Chocolate Bunny Pet is here
IN STORES NOW! Head to a store near you to pick up an Artix Entertainment Upgrade Card! You’ll receive a rare Chocolate Bunny item for the game you use the card on, and all of our games have a unique chocobunny item that will only be available between March 26 and April 11! So head to stores now, this offer won’t last long!

Dreaming of a Race Against time
HAPPENING NOW! Something fishy is happening at the locker! More and more people are having restless dreams… does it mean anything? Or is it just all the pressure down there… Log in now to find out!
The Gild the World Gold War has been won! You pulled together and got the war meter to 100%! Log in and see what Baron Au’Mydas’ consequences are for failing the Irismancer and his dark Master.

Gild the World Gold War
HAPPENING NOW! King Alteon’s Royal Treasurer, Baron Au’Mydas, has been granted the power to turn anything he kisses to gold by an old villain in order to distract you with a war! Fight monsters that have been turned to gold! Collect the golden nuggets and weapons they drop in order to merge them at the end of the war for golden versions! Increased gold rewards from all monsters!

That tricky little elf is loose on Davey’s ship! Play as Captain Davey and track down Aquella… otherwise you’ll lose your bargining chip to get your key back!

The Locker
HAPPENING NOW! What started with a little fish… ended up in a town of sunken ships, undead pirates and water elves! Captain Davey and his skeleton crew are attacking The Locker! He’s after his key… and what it unlocks, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get them back. Can you save town, and Aquella, before it’s too late?

Tomix has decoded the next set of runes on the Equilibrium Gate! You’re headed to the Market District to find the Ember Key and, if you get lucky, a friend from Tomix’s past!

Time to Get Fishin’
The waters of Lore have been stocked with the elusive (ok, not all that elusive) Johnnyfish! Log in now and fish up this epic catch! Any fishing spot will catch one.

Amaterasu Scythe
IN STORES NOW! Head to Cysero’s Superstore of Savings to pick up the Amaterasu Scythe! It’s a dual-element weapon which can change from Light to Fire and back again! Levels 33, 43, and 56!
Tomix needs your help
HAPPENING NOW! Talk to Tomix in Ravenloss to begin the search for the Flax Key. Meet Riadne, a woman with information about the Chaosweavers that will help you on your quest to find Greed!
Khazri’s Jova Weapon Set
IN STORES NOW! Khazri, the Elemental Avatar of Wind, commissioned Cysero to make a weapon set in her pet’s honor. They do a special when used against reptilian enemies! In Cysero’s Superstore of Savings now!

Zorbak invades Amityvale
HAPPENING NOW! DragonLords should talk to Zorbak in Amityvale to see the finale of the Zorbak’s Legion quest chain. He’s trying to take over, you’re trying to protect the baby dracoliches, and the villagers are trying to defend their town!

Baby Dracolich pets have a rare chance to drop from the quest OR you can buy them for Dragon Coins in Cysero’s Shop!

That’s all for news see ya.

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10 comments on “Dragon Fable: Info 1

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  2. in response to the comment on my blog
    I dont play dragon fable
    Yes I dont post, but I could if people came to my blog. Do you come?

    • Andrew says:

      Ah that’s too bad. You could try it out.

      I come to your site everyday, it’s just that I sometimes don’t comment. I would comment everyday if you would comment on my blog most of the time.

  3. kikus says:

    автор можно узнать вас ICQ для обмена постовыми

  4. nayyir says:

    I play dragonfable but i got tired of it. I rock in dragonfable. I got stuck in this one part when i had to fight this evil glob thing. But it’s really fun. My guy is on lvl 22. what’s ur dude on?

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, the virtual access is boring. But, at times it is FUN. I KIND of rock at it. I only got stuck at the part where I had to fight the dishwasher dragon. I’m level 11 or 12. It takes me along time for me to level up.

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