My Sister’s Birthday! + Music Video

May 6, 2010
Oh such a special day. We get to celebrate my sister’s (Patricia) birthday. My brother (Matthew) woke up around 7:23 in the morning so he could say happy birthday to Patricia. I was in my Patricia’s room doing my school. So, when I heard Patricia scream, I was lucky I wasn’t in the room, because it sounded REALLY LOUD. All my brother told me was, he shook Patricia, she woke up and screamed. Well, it was enough information for me to retain because I was weak for an hour. There was only one logical answer to my weakness: my room was a mess, big pillows were everywhere so I slept on one, I slept on my hand, bad sleeping conditions, last night I was coughing and I was heating up all night. Whenever I sleep on my hand for 32 minutes I start feeling thousands of ants crawling allover me. The pillows I were sleeping on were 4 feet thick, so I had to stretch my neck in an uncomfortable way. I was coughing because I choked on a lot of water, I don’t like being hot at night I always like sleeping cold. It may sound ridiculous, but I think I am a cold-blooded man (means I can blend in to the temperature).

Now to get down business. The only reason I love Patricia’s birthday, because my sister has to deal with a lot of pressure that blue veins go down her forehead and on top her eyelashes. Matthew, always annoys Patricia and I. Matthew only annoys because it makes him laugh. He almost gets whatever he wants. Matthew is also somebody that wants to do something really quickly. He doesn’t want to wait ti’ll he is older to get things. Like, when he was 5 years old, he saw me playing video games, then he wanted to play video games. Now, Matthew is more addicted to video games then I am. It’s not his fault, it’s my fault that he sees me doing stuff.

Right now we were doing ultimate school (meaning you do all the school they suggest for one every week). Well, that’s not fair. We just finished the CRCT. But Patricia isn’t as worried as I am. Because she is an expert on the easy stuff on school. But I have to study on Math fractions, probability and statistics. Really hard, but when I saw the picture I took for Patricia. I noticed she was pressured on. Not a good thing!

We had a pretty good shopping day too. We had to shop for Patricia’s presents and cake. We bought 3-D chalk and a glow in the dark orb. My sister likes to imagine with a lot of things. I was really ticked of because of how good Patricia was. So, I told my sister and brother to go behind the car and I started drawing something. For a minute there, I was writing nonsense, but then I made it seem cool. It took me 23 minutes to draw what I needed.

Pretty cool eh? After that, I saw it in 3-D which was times the fun. My parents said it was great (since it was bigger than all the other drawings my sister and brother put on. After that we started the family tradition, the happy birthday song and then we ate cake and ice-cream. After that, my friends came over, took the goods and just said happy birthday and started hanging around our house for 4 hours. Simon was playing with his BB gun and shot me in the leg 2 times and then in the back. I nearly fell to the ground. And the rest was a blur… so that’s pretty much all.

Three Days Grace-Good Life

12 comments on “My Sister’s Birthday! + Music Video

  1. Stanly says:

    Well, I wish I could say this sooner, but, happy birthday to your sister. Her name is Patricia? That’s a nice name. Why no pictures? I always sleep in my bed. Not on the floor. You have a crazy way of sleeping Andrew. Interesting, thought, that your sister gets easily angry by her brother. If your brother annoys you, ignore what he’s doing. It won’t get you into trouble. I only have 2 sisters. No brothers… hehehehe. 😀

    3-D stuff is freaking amazing. No doubt about it… especially when it comes to movies. What was your family tradition? Agh! My mom is calling for me, because I need to get ready for school.

    • Andrew says:

      Means hard-worker. My mom won’t let me put in pictures, but probably soon I can. My bed gets hot, I have a different way of sleeping. I am just going to ignore the brother part. We have to lift somebody up in the chair as many times as old they are. Go to school man.

  2. In an opera, you have music and acting together as a package.

  3. I may want you to work at my blog with me andrew first e-mail so i can interview you to find the right job for you ok

    • Andrew says:

      Ok Animalark. But you are going to have to wait a bit because I can’t always login to my e-mail address. But I’ll alert you when I am ready to have the interview. Are you going to question me though?

  4. Ya in the e-mail so plz check it soon

  5. […] Anabelle and my brother Matthew loves birthdays. So, they just woke me up just like they did with Patricia in my other post. I told them to bug off and they stopped. Which was very awkward. Matthew and […]

  6. Patricia says:

    hi, this is Patricia. Yo Andrew thanks for the post of my birthday

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