A Terrible Sight

May 4, 2010
Today seemed unreal. Impossible. Unquestionable. Something I could not have imagined. I had a dream about 3 woodblocks and 2 cylinders were surrounding me. Each item was either carved in a Tiki or a lightning sword. Once I was staring at them they showed this special kind of light. It was in blue color.They were burning my feet and my arms. I could barely move. I was feeling something inside of that wanted me to let go. But I kept it in. Though, it was hurting me, so might as well let it out. When I let it out it became a big explosion force like a super nova and it destroyed the carvings. All that was left was a hanged spirit that was staring right at me. Then the spirit ran into me and took my heart. That’s when I woke up.

I also could not believe my field trip plan worked. Even Savino came along with us. It took us 32 minutes for us to get there. But to us, it sounded like 2 hours. Where we were going was a special guitar store that has everything you need for a band. For example an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, banjo, a bass guitar, a mixer, the piano, th drums and so on. We had a blast. I ended up knowing I would get my electric guitar around Christmas.

May 5, 2010
Just woke up, but did have a terrible imagination and sleep. But I don’t have time to waste. Bye.


6 comments on “A Terrible Sight

  1. Stanly says:

    Nice website man, or may I point out this is a blog. Love this site. Really Cool! I might check on this blog time to time.

  2. Stanly says:

    Dude, I am 14 years old. And you must be 10 years old. I read your about page.

    Sorry though you had an awful dream. 😦

  3. Stanly says:

    Yeah, I have to be heading to school right now. I have completed my CRCT. Thought we still have to do school. Damn! That sucks.

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