Saturday Relaxation

May 1, 2010
It’s a new month everyone and I am celebrating. This month to me is a special month. The reason it is my special month is because on this month it’s my birthday, it’s my sister’s birthday, it’s Alicia’s birthday and it is my dad’s birthday. My birthday is scheduled on May 8, my sister’s birthday is scheduled on May 6, Alicia’s birthday is today and finally, my dad’s birthday is on May 16. I can’t wait to start my month great.

Sometimes I think watching cartoons in the morning is just an added activity I do every day. Today, all I watched was Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds and star wars the clone wars. I usually watch Pokemon, but I grew out of it. So, know I collect Pokemon cards so I can sell $30 a week. I also play the game because to me, it’s like an interesting strategy game. In fact, I think some people that think the game is lame should try beating the whole game in 3 weeks. I constantly hear people say that Pokemon is for babies, gay people and other mean things. That is really not nice, especially when that involves that person into a sexist. Now, I am fine with people saying they think the game is lame or boring. But, I think it’s rude to say it’s for babies. Don’t you agree?

Around the afternoon I got bored of watching, so I decided to go outside. We had nothing really to do. We just sat in the cold air waiting for someone to pop out. We saw Alicia and her friends. I said hello, but they didn’t answer because they were like a few hundred yards away. I decided to let them be, because I am sure if I yelled, they would be thinking ” what the heck is he doing?”. It especially wouldn’t give the neighbors a good wake up. I noticed they were leaving, so I asked everyone (down my lane) if they could go outside. A friend named King was able to come. Then out of nowhere, Savino came. Savino wasn’t in his whiny mode for right now. So we had fun. Then we asked if Simon could come out. He wasn’t able to come out until 4 in the afternoon. That sucked. Especially when Savino goes and gets Simon, Simon comes out quickly. Is there something wrong I did to Simon? Whatever…

The rest we got pizza… from my dad (he works at Dominos).

Here’s a song that soothed me when my days went wrong. Soon I will have a post about my 10 top music. 🙂

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2 comments on “Saturday Relaxation

  1. sasammygirl says:

    Poke’mon is one of my favorite games ever, I’ve always loved playing it. From all the way back to Yellow version, to Heart Gold and Soul Silver now. They kind of ruined the television series, but I think the first two seasons were really great, I hated how they keep replacing all the female characters season to season, and they keep Brock.

    Misty kicked some majore arss, if you ask me. Water types rock.

    • Andrew says:

      Oh, now I can breathe better. I thought you were one of the people that thought Pokemon was for babies. Yeah. I am a big fan of Pokemon. Except for the shows. Yeah, Misty, May and now Dawn annoying. I love Fire and Ground types. Water si my sister’s favorite. Right now I am about to have an infernape.

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