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Hey guys, whaz up?! New contest here are the results and questions

prizes for 1st: two webkinz items

Prizes for 2nd: 1 webkinz item

Prizes for 3rd: advertisement

Questions: 1. what is August’s pet of the month? In webkinz. 2. What is the title of my post about video games?

New update: I got 1,000 comments after the comment of Umph. 🙂

Short Post Of Resemblance

May 28, 2010
First of all, school was a pretty big dump all I did was lots of Literature, lots of Social Studies and Math. What is wrong with me?

Now, I know a few reasons why I sucked at school. But, I am going to skip that. Only short posts are coming out today.

My aunt came over today and she’s taking my sister (Patricia) to Jillians. While she’s taking me to a guitar store.

I learned how to play 2 songs on acoustic guitar. Yesterday and Fix you. 🙂

That’s all. 😆

Anger Time! + Sleeping Issues

May 27, 2010
Okay first of all. I got depressed in school, online, in real life and so on. Why were there any happy moments? Did I do something to make it like that? I don’t really know. All I know is bad things just keep coming back and forward to me.

1. I was dreaming of a man and a women. They had a strong relationship. But, they were from different nations. So, they couldn’t LEGALLY be married. They ended up getting in so much love, they fought against each other’s nations. Which was like, really weird. The women became evil for her strong relationship. So did the man. Then, it just revealed to me, the man was an God’s apprentice and the women was the Devil’s apprentice. Then, I got how they became evil. They were trying to do something no angel (or demon could do). Well, guess what, this isn’t the movie or TV world. This is real life and you have to think in social terms, or something bad is going to happen. I think I learned my lesson. Not to watch IMPOSSIBLE or POSSIBLE movies. Then, you get false fate, and get in trouble, then life goes on badly. Have you learned your lesson?

2. So, basically, I was ticked off because of the dream. It made me think bad about girls around me. Why? Well, once I you get something new you try to stay on that subject until you get the idea. Well, looks like I got the wrong idea ad I believed it. Of and btw, my sister Anabelle (you’ve probably seen her in one of my pictures) she’s sometimes snores like my brother, other sister, mom and dad. I am the only one that just breathes in my sleep. Though, it would be cool if I’d snore. Because, I haven’t experienced it, but I really would like to try it out. Then, probably my brother will have to tell me to shut up, or be quiet. I woke up, still in my bed. Waited for the best time to go downstairs to the computer, because, I sort of believe in the Paranormal activity. I’m still a Christian. It’s just that, I’ve been having some awkward times, like when one of my friends disappeared and other stuff like that. But, I was too scared to go downstairs when it was so dark down there. So, I was angry. Very angry! I wanted to smack my head against the wall or eventually curse out loud. But, I kept it in. Then, I went downstairs.

3. Then, when I got downstairs and started writing a post. Then, when I wanted a peaceful breakfast, my sister (Patricia) and my other sister (Anabelle) came downstairs. I was angry and ticked off at the same time. I ended up saying “eat breakfast somewhere else”. Then, my sister (Patricia) gave me the look that says did you just say something to me? Like she was famous and she didn’t need to be told. Then, she looked outside. I asked her why, she said she needed to see mom’s car. Then, she went upstairs. I knew she was going to tell on me. I asked her to come back and eat. Then, she looked satisfied with her work. I yelled at her and said “you were going to go tell on me!” she said no like she had no idea. See, that’s the thing I hate about Patricia, she thinks she’s perfect all the time and then does something stupid and comes up with an excuse. Grrrrrgh!!!!

4. Eventually, I didn’t do Science, so no Chemistry information today. Sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I’ll eventually do Science today at May 28, 2010. Instead I did lots of Social Studies. Then, I got to the point where I was at the semester assessment. I failed it MISERABLY! Then, my dad and mom and I got into a discussion about Social Studies. Then it came to the point where I was kind of happy or kind of pissed off. My mom first said, “you are going to be an economist”. WHAT!!!!!!?????? I hate being economists. Especially the ones on TV. The only reason I like them is because if the big money they make. Then, my dad disagreed and then they made a new deal. You are going to have to be a LAWYER! Oh my gosh. WTF!!!??? That is like one job I really don’t want. If, I suck at Social Studies. Then, I’ll suck at being an economist or Lawyer. But, mom explained you just need to know math. Which I becoming pretty good at.

Just to speak out, my sister (Patricia) is going to be the economist. Yepee!.

5. After school I got my book Percy Jackson book 2 delivered. I wanted to start reading it right now. But, I had to clean my room and stuff like that. But, then, my mom showed me this episode of Jim in Heaven (According to Jim). It was a pretty bad show. It gave a really bad example of God and the Devil. It was just so degrading to have seen God tempted to see a breast when a women took off one button. The devil was going to have a happy family in Hell. Just not right!!!!!

6. My mom let us go outside then, Alicia’s ball ended up in this deep pit where plastic gates were surrounding it. They were looking for someone who could jump into that hole. I decided to volunteer (participate). It took me awhile to get all the courage inside me to jump in. Then, I got inside and got the ball out. I was called a hero and everybody else wanted to do it too.
Happy ending.
Here’s an example of the hole. Not the hole but an example. Later I’ll try to take the picture. Darn it, the picture won’t load and it says I can’t delete it. Is my computer hacked?


May 28, 2010
Sleep was pretty bad tonight. I had to go into different positions. I started getting a fever. Got hot (really hot) and also started moaning so hard it annoyed me too as much as my mom and dad. Well, I’m not sure if they hear that.

Awesome Day! + Music Video

May 26, 2010
Andrew here. So, many wonderful things have been happening. More views, more commenters and more discussions. Also, I got along with Willow. My old friend. Willow has commented several times here. But since, not so much. I have had some new commenters like Gil, (which he comments almost everyday) julianusginting, (which he comments everyday) ImUmPh, (which he barely comments) Sammy, (depends) Asop (he too depends) and WC (Most of the time commenter). I am so happy to know people think reading my posts are interesting too. If you think MY LIFE is interesting comment and say yes. 🙂

For Science today (actually yesterday) I had to study Acids and Bases. Does anybody know what that means. If not I will explain. Acids can be in Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons and Limes. You may think acid is something that burns your skin or the poisonous kind. Well, it’s not, there are actually 2 different kinds of Acid . The first one is weak acid, which is in oranges and so on. The second one is strong acid, which is the kind of acids that are dangerous to the things they touch like your skin. Well, whenever my mom cooks, sometimes she gets her arms burned. But, that’s different, she is being burned by hot gases. Which I will get to later.

A base (plural: bases) is a solid object that dissolves in water and is slippery. Can you guess what’s causing to react like that? Bases are slippery because they react to the oil on your skin. Don’t think strong bases can’t hurt you. They can damage your skin REALLY bad. Those bases are called corrosive. If you want to be safe from strong bases, I am going to tell you the only safe bases I know that you can use. Soap, Shampoo and Detergent. The rest is unknown to me and I wouldn’t take a risk and end up in physical therapy or whatever it’s called.

There are actually two types of acids. They are called Sulfuric acids and Hydrochloric acids. Each paragraph or new space will describe them.

Sulfuric acid is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world–it’s the acid in car batteries, which is why we also call it battery acid . It is also used in fertilizers, plastics and papers.

Hydrochloric acid can be very strong when concentrated and people use it to clean surfaces of concrete or steel. Knowing this, you may be surprised to learn that Hydrochloric acid is also in your stomach. Your body is a dilute Hydrochloric acid solution to help break down your food during digestion.
Today (again yesterday) I had to study 3 lessons and they were pretty much all about Theodore Roosevelt. Though, I am not talking about the Theodore Roosevelt that was good at reading. I am talking about the one who took care of the depression (Well, that’s basically what the whole unit is about [The Great Depression]). One lesson was about democracy in danger, next was about Theodore’s life then it was about Eleanor Roosevelt. That’s pretty much it for Social Studies.
Just so you know, I am putting julianusginting’s link! Here’s the link:
Nothing else amazing happened. We didn’t really get into any serious discussions. Alicia was screaming (like usual) and life went on. Also I would like to put a video for you. just to point out. I was at that exact band. Try to find me in the crowd. :mrgreen:

The School Gets Tougher And So Do The Conversations

May 25, 2010
In many ways I have described the periodic tables with all it’s elements. Now, today, in school, I had to study adding molecules or the abbreviation of a molecule. Example: H20: Hydrogen+Oxygen=Water. Another example: Sodium(a metal that bursts into fire when located near water)+Chlorine(Chlorine is a green-yellow poisonous gas)=Table salt (which is not poisonous). Then I actually had to learn Compounds and the definition. Def: a compound is a substance that has 2 or more elements that are joined in a chemical reaction. Oh I hope Chemistry was fun for you guys. Because I seem to find it interesting. Although, there was this guy, he commented for the elements of the periodic table. He gave me this song to enjoy. Now, I am going to share it with you guys.


To make things simple, I would also like to point out that I got addicted to chemistry.

🙂 :mrgreen: 😆 😦 😀 😕 ‘__’ (different faces hehehe just wanted to add that for fun)

After Chemistry, I was struck, I didn’t know what to do, Or I just didn’t want to do anything. Yeah, that sounds more like me. I tried to ignore doing my other subjects. But my dad was so uptight with me that, if he caught me coming in the kitchen doing nothing he would send me back to school. I tried to stay upstairs and listen to the radio (I listen to Vh1 and Project 9.6.1[well, I haven’t seen the site, but I like the rock]) but even though I was upstairs my dad could still remember I had school to do. Well, I tried to let it go. Because, I wanted to go to an actual public school (which I’m sort of at) and I gotta learn not to take lots of breaks.

My dad forced me to do 1 lesson of Math, 2 lessons of Social Studies (actually I did 3) and 2 lessons of Science. For some reason the subjects were really quick. Well, I would expect Math to be really quick. But not Social Studies. All I had to do was a optional Unit review and a Unit Assessment (well, later I’ll get to the part I did 3 lessons). Science was only about Molecules and Compounds and Chemical Reaction. I kind of had problems trying to figure out the Molecules. But, I mastered it like a intermediate. Here’s a picture of a molecule: Well, this was the easiest example I could give you because the other one were too advanced.
I decided to write Gil’s URL so he could have visitors. Here’s his URL:

I’m not trying to be ignorant or spontaneous, but I judge Math for all of its curriculum. Multiplying fractions, adding fractions, dividing fractions, subtracting decimals, adding decimals, percentages, long division and long multiplication. But, I am doing pretty good with Math lately and today I am doing the Unit Assessment for Math. Here’s another good thing. I got my results for the CRCT! I passed every subject except Social Studies. We needed to get 800 or higher to pass. I don’t study Social Studies so much, but I got 794 which looks like I passed that grade through my family’s eyes. My sister (Patricia) passed every subject and failed nothing. Wow! I am so happy for her. Matthew (my annoying buy sometimes loving brother) passed everything but Language arts. Well, I thought that was a big problem. But it wasn’t really. All the subjects Matthew did for the CRCT was: Math, Reading and Language arts. If he failed Reading or Math he REALLY would have failed. But he didn’t.
My mom and dad told me when we went to Chuk-E-Cheeses for my sister’s birthday. They saw the super star Monique! Wow! So, amazing!

Another thing was, when I went outside I caught Logan, Tina, Frankie and Nicholas playing outside with my brother Matthew and Patricia. When I went outside Logan already had to leave. Which was okay for me. Then, Nicholas was mistreating these 14 year old girls. Well, I’ve known them since I moved here. One of them was just sitting on a greenish-blue pipe thing and the other one was holding a water gun and pointing at Nicholas to threaten him. Here’s what was embarrassing. Nicholas was letting his Sensuality be available to see through me. I’m not sure if the girls noticed, but, I talked them out with what I do. Like what school do I do, I have a blog, how I did on my CRCT, telling other achievements I made and that’s pretty much it.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

Hard Chemistry + Pretty Easy Math + Good Video

May 24, 2010
Science catalog: Chemistry
Man, Chemistry was so complicated, I needed to learn about the three important atoms called: Neutrons, Protons and Electrons. I also had to study the people who discovered matter in their own ways. It was difficult, but I managed it. Then now, I need to remember all of these hard periodic tables. Here’s the picture and I’ll examine the names. First: Hydrogen, Helium, Beryllium, Lithium, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Rubidium, Strontium, Cesium, Barium, Francium, Radium, THEN: Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Promethium, Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Dysprosium, Holmium, Erbium, Thulium, Ytterbium, Actinium, Thorium, Protactinium, Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium, Curium, Berkelium, Californium, Einsteinium (which reminds me of Einstein), Fermium, Mendelevium, Nobelium, then it goes on: Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon, Ununoctium, Ununhexium, Ununquadium, Ununbium, Unununium, Ununnillium, Meitnerium, Hassium, Bohrium, Seaborgium, Dubnium, Rutherfordium, Lawrencium and Niobium and that’s pretty much all I know from the periodic table by memory.

There are also 5 ways to call the groups of the Periodic Tables: Nonmetals, Noble Gases, Metalloids, Metals, actually sorry there are 4 ways to call the groups, I was mixed up. Well Chemistry is pretty difficult. For my age it is.
Math catalog: Decimals
There wasn’t really anything new in Math. Just more Subtracting decimals. The ONLY difference was the estimation in the subtracting decimals. Actually, I just needed to do 14 questions for practice. So far, I was really good (of course). I was also impressed of myself. While I was doing the lesson assessment I was thinking about Chemistry, Physics then the Big Bang Theory. What? Sheldon Cooper is the only thing that has to do with Math. Besides Leonard and Penny. Well, I think Penny is a weirdo. But, since she’s the only fun girl besides Burne Dett (or whatever her name is) I like her as a girl.
Good Video!

What Went Wrong?

May 23, 2010
I am so sorry for the misfortune yesterday. I… I didn’t post! If that was bad for you, comment out loud, but if you were okay, comment with a little lower voice. Besides, I barely had comments on my post and I needed to write the Magic Soup yesterday. Since, I am writing about what happened yesterday, I prefer saying today so we keep on track with yesterday’s happening.

News Report:
91 spammers commented on my blog, but, I was able to delete each one of them.

I was able to see my new group!

I was able to write Rukimaya
but, I didn’t have time to write the post.

Lost is over! No more Lost!!!!! No!!!!!! (sobs) 😦
Now, for each of these informations I am going to write about are going to be separate. Get it? I finally found out this cool tool to separate: paragraphs, stories, (like Magic Soup) sad times and stuff like that.

Now, spammers can be annoying little guys or annoying big guys. But, it really doesn’t matter, since you have Askimest. I never heard of Askimest when I just started this blog. Then, I overheard the word, so, I decided to go on his site to see what he was really all about. The information looked catchy, interesting and awesome. Then, I read more, I was so amazed. I didn’t have to deal with spammers being allowed on to my blog. Though, I was always wondering “where would all the spammers go?”. I didn’t try to worry about that. I just relaxed my head and let Askimest do the work (basically, I trusted where the information was going was okay). A few months passed, I saw my comments bar changing. But, there was no unapproved comments. I was going nuts when this happened. I asked my dad what was happening. He explained it, I understood. So, now, at this very day, I see spammers coming like locusts. That’s why I had a busy day with 91 spammers. “I am a Spammer Farmer”

Now, I was excited, for today the most because I got to see this awesome new group in church. It’s called Xtreme. It’s only for the middle schoolers though. But, pretty much my whole class is 11 years old, so I think I ‘m ready to move up. First of all, we saw a bunch of rooms when we were running through a whole way. Then, we saw a huge stage as shown in the picture below. And when we saw that stage, I was stage fright, there were thousands of grownups and kids. Some kids were moving up to high school (which I have never heard of a High school in church). But, most of the kids made a line to the front stage and we just ran, clapping there hands (with there hands stretched out). Whiley and I were the only people in my group that got at the very front station. When the guys played the music it was so awesome, then we had to do worship for a total of 1 hour.


Now, I know Magic Soup didn’t come through, but I didn’t have much time. Even though if I had time I would not have time for writing the post. Rukimaya looked bad to my parents and my friends, which was even worse. All, I have to say is that, I didn’t succeed to write my Magic Soup post. Sorry to y’all.

It’s over, Lost is over. A brilliant show that was going on for 6 years is finally over. NO!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand writing about it. See ya!