CRCT (Difficult Subject Study)

April 29, 2010
My days seem to keep getting better and better. I passed Math, Reading and language arts without having to be nervous. I am not sure if I passed all the subjects. But I am pretty sure I passed Reading and language arts. Well, Math I am little worried about. But besides that, I think I did great on my CRCT. Now, I didn’t complete all the subjects and the whole class for that matter. My brother finished all the classes he needed to take. Really?! All my brother had to do was Reading, language arts and Math? Wow? I wish I was in my brother’s shoes right now! Today the whole entire school had to study Science. I was relaxed when I heard that Science was next, especially my friend Connor. Connor was the first person I ever met in my school. We met at a Writing Test a month ago. We decided to be friends, because we barely knew anybody else in our school. Connor, is basically a guy that enjoys Science. Connor said this day was his wish day. Bradley is another friend of mine who didn’t seem excited about Science. I wasn’t excited at all at first. But I kept getting thoughts that I would fail the test. I don’t pay attention to my thoughts all the time. Nayyir is another friend of mine that sounded cool about it (he’s the Muslim I was talking about in this post) Nayyir, to me is the second funniest person in the world. Because every time our teacher (Ms. Hunter-White) calls for Nayyir’s name he says something like this: I like CHEESE! I am proud of my name and so on. Nayyir usually comes up with the good jokes during class.

Let me share a tip with you. My CRCT testing site is at the University of Phoenix. Isn’t that cool? I see even the place in commercials. Will I become famous on commercial or something like that. Right now, I don’t care about popularity (in the super famous way). Before the test started, Connor, Nayyir, Bradley, Elijah and I were wandering around the apartments. It was so cool. We got to see big empty offices. Until, a school council kicked us out of there. The school council also didn’t allow us to go near the hall. That is so mean! It is just the hall way. Our parents can see us from there. Well, we decided to do something fun like shadow fight. Huh? That sounds childish. Well, not really, it was funny actually. Connor won because he kicked our things. Weird?

When our class was called, immediately hundreds of people got out of the room. Now, I am no expert, but I think a girl was trying to flirt with me over the room. I am 10, I am not supposed to flirt with people. I bet the other girl’s parent wouldn’t allow her to flirt. There was also another girl called Caroline, reminds me of the movie Caroline. Caroline is the girl that always sits with Osama. Me and Nayyir are suspecting they both like each other. If they both like each other, it would just remind me I like a girl in my class. I can’t give you her name because I think it would be impolite. You can ask me for her name, probably I will give you her name, probably not. Now, when we got into our class for Science, I thought it would be pretty easy and quick. Because if it wasn’t easy and quick I would’ve brought my Percy Jackson book for nothing. I really like reading Percy Jackson like I explained in my other post. Once I started Science it was really difficult. First section was unbeatable to me.

I hope I passed the test, because I tried my best.


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