Supplement Activities + Technology Is My Thing

April 27, 2010

Reading Percy Jackson
I’ve gotta say “Percy Jackson is the best book you can read!”. Well, that’s in my opinion. Still, I think everybody who is not into the fact that reading a book about fake Gods is a bad thing should read this book. The main idea of the story is about a guy called Percy Jackson who is known to have the name “the son of the sea God”. As you can see on the cover, it says recommended for “teen”. I am pre-teen and I am reading the book. Once you start reading the book, you feel like something interesting is going to happen. Because they start with an interesting introduction. I haven’t read the whole book, but I know so far it is going great. I wonder how the author (Rick Riordan) concluded the story. Hmm… I can give you a tip. If you are an 8 year old that is fund with reading, then I think this would be the best book for you. But, if you may not know the words sexist, remarkable, wadded and so on this book would sound gibberish to you. If you are used to reading only 100 page books this book will not be suitable for you. If I am correct the book has 375 pages. The reason I am reading this book is because I am used to reading long books and I am an A student in Vocabulary. So, I know a lot of words. I also have known how to spell super cali fragilistic expialidocious. No joke, that’s the longest word in 7th grade spelling. I put spaces between the words so you would understand the word much better.

I honestly, want to be like Percy Jackson, except for the part when he constantly gets expelled from schools. My mom would not like that.

Playing Guitar (acoustic)
I am only 10 years old, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do wonderful things. Guitar is one of the things I love to do. Once I see a guitar I already feel like I am playing with it. But, when I am actually playing guitar, I feel like I am in “Rock Heaven”. I started getting interested into guitar when I was 9. Then I started actually playing guitar around 10. Right now, I know more individual notes then chords. I started learning chords 6 weeks ago. The current chords I am learning are Chord C, Chord G, Chord D, Chord EM, Chord AM and Chord DM. That may sound a lot to you, but trust me I can only play a few songs with those chords. The song my guitar teacher could find for me in an hour was a song called “Good Riddance” from Green Day. Thank God it was from Green Day, or else I would have to stumble across a few other old classic songs. I searched the song on YouTube, I found it and Green Day only plays the song in acoustic form. What?! No electric guitar? Come on, Green Day was the second form of hard rock. They even played their latest songs in electric guitar form. The good thing was I actually got to learn how to play one song. To me, guitar sounds like the number 1 piece of music in the world. “The Beatles” “Dead Kennedys” “Metallica” “Judas Priest” “Five Finger Death Punch” “Three Days of Grace” “Linkin Park” and “Killswitch Engage” plays electric guitar.

So, you get the point? I play guitar… not a big thing.

Food!! (Chicken Noodle Soup)
OOOH! Looks so good. MMM! I CAN’T WAIT TI’LL I PUT MY FINGERS IN TO THAT! ~slurp~ ~mm~. Nothing really to say, I just really like this soup.

April 28, 2010

The Telephone
I don’t really use so much, I use it about 7 times a week. Now, I know that most girls have the tendency to text and all that. But we got a special person here. Her name is Sammy. To me, she sounds like the coolest person I would meet in Ohio. But in Georgia, she would be third. Right now I am trying to give Sammy more comments from Indonesian people. Because Sammy has been such a good help. Now, to get to the main point. I heard that Sammy does not like girly kind of stuff, I don’t like it either, but you would only expect a gay man to be interested in glitter, unless he would get paid a fortune for those. I pray to God that I don’t use the telephone much, because I always have a feeling I am soon going to waste the minutes I have with the telephone. If Sammy doesn’t like MOST girly stuff, I am assuming she doesn’t like using her phone a lot. Like most girls would. If I had my own cellphone, I would be allover it for 4 days then start to act cool having one. God is the only one besides my family I can count on to get through troubles.

My Hair looks nice Eh?

The Computer
OOH! I go on the computer everyday to get to my blog. Everybody in my family (except Patricia) loves to go on the internet. My dad uses it for important stuff, my brother uses it to play around with, my sister (Annabelle) uses it for Jump start and I use it for my blog. I would compare computer to every game system and vote for computer, except when it comes to PSP, I vote for it.

The Radio?
Hmm… I don’t know what I do with the radio often. It sounds like a device I use only temporarily. I like to listen to rock, hip-hop, rap, sometimes metal and classical rock. I don’t know why I even mentioned the radio. :S

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8 comments on “Supplement Activities + Technology Is My Thing

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  2. PiplupU says:

    I started wishing I could be Percy Jackson when I read the book too. Haha! I also wanted to be him when I watched the movie.

  3. Andrew says:

    I never watched the movie, sadly. But the book is really good. What book are you on?

  4. […] my Percy Jackson book for nothing. I really like reading Percy Jackson like I explained in my other post. Once I started Science it was really difficult. First section was unbeatable to […]

  5. Gil says:

    Hey Andrew,

    I have read Percy Jackson & the Olympians, all five books, and written another book for the series with the help of my friend. Be both used to obssesed with it and now I am reading Catching Fire (amazing book). I think that the author of PJ&TO could have discussed the movie more so it will match the book… it’s so DIFFERENT…

  6. Your posts make no sense, just an fyi. And i found your comments about gay people and girls amusingly insulting. and i think it’s funny how you post picture after picture of yourself, but won’t post your crush’s name. and at the same time, you frown upon a girl who deigned to appear as if she were flirting with you. confusing, is what you are.

    • Andrew says:

      I think you are the person that has to insult me most of the time. My ACTUAL crush’s name is called Hally. The one at school is not actually a person I am crushing on. It just seems that we both stare each other through the room. Her name (the one from school) is Mary.

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