I’m Back, Miss Me Eh?

April 26, 2010
Yeah, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post around the weekdays. Because yet again I have a CRCT to handle. I passed the first day of the CRCT. Though, I didn’t get my results. I’ll probably get my results around the Summer or something. I didn’t get into that serious stuff. My dad is supposed to handle that. Now, to get things written down about today. I woke up around 1 in the morning. What is wrong with me? I am 10 years old and I am waking up like a grownup. Probably I will have to be red eyes again. Now to get down to business. I don’t have anything against Brown_Person, it’s just that it sounds wrong to say you dislike me and then start commenting 4 times. It just doesn’t make sense. Also Brown_Person put a post about how bad I talked to Willow. I just apologized to the girl. What else do you want from me. Oh I pray to God that Willow actually forgives me. I don’t want him to take my comments of spam. Just a forgiving favor!

Now, my family and I woke up around 6 in the morning. So, I wasn’t feeling so energetic. My dad and mom told me to get brushed, washed, and get some nice clothes on. Dude, it’s only a school. You don’t have to look good. Anyways, I finished earlier than expected. After everybody was ready to go, I got word we were going to drop my mom at work. Yeah! I get to see where she works. Though, it took 27 minutes to get there. To me, it felt like driving for an hour. After we dropped her off, we went to the testing site. The place looked so big. Once we got into the building I was nervous. Most people were staring at us. I barely knew most people in my school. So, it was just like walking into a different school. We had to wait more than expected. My dad was confused, we were supposed to get started in 15 minutes. I really didn’t get the whole system. Though, I noticed some of my friends Shelby, and Connor. I didn’t get at first my friend Connor was there, because he had a total different look. The school manager of k12 informed my dad that our school was the biggest public school in Georgia. What?! You serious?

We finally got to the classes, except we went through colors. First grade was green, second grade I forgot, third grade was yellow, fourth grade was pink and fifth grade was red. My favorite color is actually on my grade. Today we were studying on Reading, so we had 70 minutes to do 25 questions then take a bathroom brake and then we take another 70 minutes to finish the rest of the questions. I think I did really good, except when I had to read about the Declaration of Independence. So, we passed, I made friends. But not to be offensive, I made friends with a Muslim. I don’t care if he is a Muslim, I am friends with everybody.

That is pretty much all that happened on the CRCT. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂


20 comments on “I’m Back, Miss Me Eh?

  1. Just to be clear I am a GIRL. Willow is a BOY. How that wasn’t clear, I don’t know. and you spelt ‘BrEak’ wrong. Unless you mean like car brakes. But yeah, I’m sure you did great on your tests.

    • Andrew says:

      Sorry… I will fix that mistake on my post. Willow told you to warn me that you were a girl because I ACCIDENTALLY didn’t read his about page. I would’ve gone on your page but I thought you hated me. Wow, no insults? Just being nice? Thank you for not making my day worse. :mrgreen:

  2. Gil says:

    Hey Andrew, I got a new post at FarmVilleValley that I’d appreciate you commenting on 🙂

  3. Gil says:

    Thanks Andrew 🙂

  4. PiplupU says:

    😆 At the end that was random. You made friends with a Muslim. Well, my best friend is a Muslim, he’s really nice. Doesn’t cuss, backs me up, and well, just acts like a good friend! 😉 Those bad people who are doing those things across the world aren’t necessarily Muslims. I mean, in Islam their religion is a peaceful religion, it doesn’t say anything that KILLING people will get you in heaven. And that thing they call “Jihad”, the holy war, has passed from long time ago. And those wierd people who say that Allah spoke with them are complete liars. They don’t even know how to do “wudu”, which is what Muslims do to pray. They, like, clean themselves in certain manner. Well anyway, a person who hasn’t even done that, how could God speak with them. And by the way, Allah just means God in Arabic. So there’s really no difference between Christianity and Islam. (My friend told me all this 😛 )

  5. Gil says:

    Pip, I come from a place where Muslims try to kill you because twisted people told them to… but I don’t think that they like it any better then we do. The world will never be all Muslim, Christian or Jewish or any other religion.

    • Andrew says:

      Uh… well spoken? 😀

    • PiplupU says:

      Where are you from? Those aren’t Muslims in the eyes of all the Muslims around the world. Those who kill because other people told them to, or they do it themselves shouldn’t call themselves Muslims. They’re NOTHING in the eyes of God. Well, in my opinion they’re not. They’re just useless scumbags on the face of earth who are useless and killing people who have never done ANYTHING to them. All the religions in the world are equal, in some way I guess. I for instance, am not racist about any religion.

  6. PiplupU says:

    Completely correct. All the people who kill other people are useless, selfish, DEMONS! :devil: lol

  7. PiplupU says:

    Aww… Emote Fail 😦

  8. […] is another friend of mine that sounded cool about it (he’s the Muslim I was talking about in this post) Nayyir, to me is the second funniest person in the world. Because every time our teacher (Ms. […]

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