Hmm… Can’t Decide

April 23, 2010
Ok, I know I have already mentioned a post about yesterday, but there was one thing I forgot to mention. Last night, my friend Alex came over to my house to Yu-Gi-Oh duel me. He beat me three times in a row (because he is the master). I kind of got tired of playing, but Alex was ready to beat me again. Just when we were about to duel, my mom called us for “Quiet Time”. I think you have heard of that expression. But in the way we do it is totally different. Quiet time is basically when we have to be quiet and read the bible. To my friend Savino, it wasn’t important. How can you say that God is not important? Like REALLY? Oh, I gotta get that out of my mind. After quiet time was over, me and Alex started a fight about the “Big Bang”. Alex and I got into chemistry and chronological answers. Still Alex wasn’t convinced. But if you were there. You would think I would be making complete sense. Then we started getting into the “Paranormal situation”. Which I had only few evidence about paranormal. So, just when we were about to end our speech, my mom came in and explained the whole thing. Alex, not convinced.

April 24, 2010
Nothing really exciting happened in the morning, it was just me and my friend Savino trying to figure out how to login Savino’s e-mail address. It took us eventually 3 hours, and we still didn’t get through. So, we went to bed and along the way Savino was giving me an attitude. Saying “I don’t really get what I want”. Now, I am okay that he is doing that once or twice, but when he constantly does that, he gets on my nerves. So, after I was showing myself the wimpy kid, Savino asked to have one too. I said no, because I didn’t want to spoil him, then guess what he called me? “Meanie!”. I officially got pissed off after that. 7 minutes later, he asked me if he could do it again. I said “Let me see, will you stop yapping about what you don’t get?”. Okay, I don’t think I should have said that. But I really wanted to. When he heard what I said, he said I am leaving. What kind of guy does this. Once he hears something he dislikes he just makes it final. I was pretty happy he left. When I went upstairs in my room, I saw him looking for stuff and leaving my room a mess. Now, I was really pissed off. When my sister came in my room, the next 3 seconds she said this, “Andrew, you get frustrated too easily”. WTF?! My own sister is not supposed to talk to me like that. Then Savino said, “she’s right Andrew”. What the heck is wrong with my sister. I told her I would tell mom when she got back home. But it looked like she really didn’t care.

An hour later, mom came and I immediately came to her to tell about the misfortune my sister caused. Didn’t do anything at first, which gave me big questions. Then, mom used the guilty talk, to make my sister feel guilty. My sister eventually got sad and apologized. I forgave you, but for some reason I was still sad. My mom explained the whole problem to me, then I felt better. I decided to go give Simon and Savino some Cinnamon rolls. They didn’t answer. So I just ate the rest. Hehehe, greedy me!

All that I did in the afternoon was cook and play Guitar Hero. I did a pretty spankin’ good job. I cut a whole 4 pounds of carrots into small 2 ounce slices. I was so happy that I knew I could cook. Now, Guitar Hero didn’t end so well. I constantly yelled at my brother for losing (failing) on Guitar Hero. He got sad and eventually turned the system to Mario Kart. That’s pretty much all that I can remember from today. 🙂


15 comments on “Hmm… Can’t Decide

  1. PiplupU says:

    😆 Nice post. BTW, your Savino friend seems like a brat. No offense. So… You had a pretty nice day 😛 Oh and yes, I’m still mad at that stupid post Kitty made. I said to please delete it with a kind of long comment apologizing, but Kitty erased that comment.

  2. loranablog says:

    How can you be so aggressive against somebody who does not believe in God or who does not consider God important? Faith is something your family or the environment you live in teaches you. Or it is just your need. You are not “born” with the imprinting of God, that’s why many people are also atheists or believe in different Gods than yours.

    If you really believe God created human beings and takes care of them, then what is your friend Savino? A mistake? You will learn so much more by discussing about your belief with somebody who does not care about God. Because then you will learn WHY you believe and others don’t – and you will test how solid your ideas are. Of course, this is valid also for ideas and believes out of God context.

  3. Gil says:

    Andrew, not to be mean or anything, but I am Jewish, and my grandfather was in the Holicaust and his entire family was murdered. After the war he came to Israel and started a family. He once said “I don’t believe in God, because if he was real, he would have not let 6 million Jews be murdered.” I agree

    • Andrew says:

      Such a touching story Gil, sorry for your Grandfather. 😦

      • Gil says:

        Thanks Andrew, and it’s not to be mean, I’m just saying, people who don’t believe in God have a good reason to, most of the time. Plus, if God wanted us all to believe in him/her then he/she would have created us so, not given us a choice.

      • Andrew says:

        Gil, God gave us the choice if we wanted to pick wrong and good. Get my logic?

  4. Gil says:

    Yes, but if he wanted us all to be saints, he would have made us so. Can we just drop it before this gets out of control?

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