Such An Awesome Day

April 23, 2010
Nice… I got 5,000 views, I got 159 views today, I got 20 new comments. How better could this day be? I wish I could break even with Sammy (because she got about 300 views). I am jealous sorry, Sammy is too good. I wish my day could get better through internet. Though, my day was great. I was successful through school. I had the elluminates and I passed them. I also passed the school. The 8:00 in the morning elluminate was really easy, all we had to study on was Algebra (Which I am really good at). The 10:00 in the morning elluminate was really good. We were studying Reading and so on. I didn’t get to read on the last elluminate. That sucks… especially when we were actually studying reading. Soon the CRCT is coming, it starts on Monday and then it goes on ti’ll Thursday. I passed Science today and also Social Studies. Next Monday I’ll probably do the Unit Assessment, if not I’ll do it around the Summer. I am having good thoughts about passing Social Studies, Science, Reading and Language Arts. But I am still a little edgy with geometry on Math. I can’t believe my whole class likes Math. Are they one of the people that master Math? I have a lot on my mind after this misfortune. Also what really ticked me off I was the only one out of 63 people that liked Language Arts.

Sometimes you are not identical with people. Sometimes you are identical with other people, but not all the time. I really expected most people to actually be comfortable around me. Well, today a bunch of my friends were hanging out. Like usual, we went to Alicia’s house. I don’t why I like visiting Alicia’s house. She just sounds entertaining, and so is her backyard. Savino eventually came along with us to hangout. We talked about the most impossible outcomes like the end of the Earth. I wasn’t too thrilled Simon was coming, he’s one of my good friends, it’s just that he can’t usually come out. Which really sucks. If he came out a year ago, I would go crazy. But now I am used to Simon. Alicia’s mother’s boyfriend saw me and one of my other friends in their tree. I was at the top. I think the guy was pretty ticked off I was on the top of the tree. So when we went down the tree, the guy said “go back up!”. My friend and I knew he was going shoot us with an air soft gun. This air soft had metal bullets (bb’s). So, if I was shot, the thing would go through my skin. So, we planned to go up the tree and escape. The guy asked Alicia to go get the gun, WTF?! He really was trying to get us killed. When Alicia had problems getting the gun, the guy went to help her. So, me and Nickolaus used our chance and ran. We successfully got out of the way.

Savino, is a guy you would want information from. I just take him as a friend because we been through a lot together. I was really happy Savino was going to hang out. Sorry, I am saying hang out a lot because I am almost in middle school. So, we don’t say play. If you thought I was thinking people who say play is babyish, then you are on the wrong track. First off, Savino and the rest of my friends agree with me on this. I am not trying to be ignorant. I am saying what I actually mean. I also forgot to mention, Savino asked to come over for a sleepover. After that, Simon asked for a sleepover. Then Nickolaus asked. Savino was able to come, but it took 2 hours to get an answer from Simon. After that, I called Simon if he could sleepover, guess what he said over the phone “NO”. His dad didn’t let him for some reason. Well, that’s not going to put me down. Nickolaus asked if he could sleepover. I like the guy, but he does crazy things around the night. Right now Savino is waiting to get his stuff. Maybe, my friend Alex will come over. Before, he used to sleepover every weekend. But now, he moved away so we barely see each other. I saw him today, we shook hands and then we challenged each other to Guitar Hero 3. I constantly won over every song he challenged me on. Before, Alex was the expert. I really thought Alex was playing dump for awhile. Not to be offensive.

Hehehehe hoped you enjoyed… :mrgreen:


13 comments on “Such An Awesome Day

  1. sasammygirl says:

    That was nice of you tom mention me, but my busiest day was back in October 09, got 239 that day… Haha, not exactly 300. Congrats on your 5000 views by the way.

  2. Gil says:

    Congrads on the 5000 milestone. I hope you’ll get many many more 🙂

    And that’s nice of you to mention Sammy

  3. Gil says:

    Oh and Andrew, if you’d like you can sign up your blog at my Blog of the Day for some extra views:

  4. chrome rims says:

    yo wat is your fb name?

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