Bright Sunshine! + Dumb Internet

April 21, 2010
Oh such a great day, I feel so refreshed. I couldn’t wait to wake up and smell the sweet air. Unfortunately, I had to go to a elluminate again. This time I went myself to the elluminate, my dad didn’t have to wake me up. My dad was proud of me, because he was getting tired of constantly waking me up. I listened and recorded everything except when they were having a geometry test. I really have problems with geometry. Not like basic geometry, like radius, circumference, diameter and cutting shapes. I thought I would process everything in my mind. But sadly, I could barely understand what they were talking about. They went so quick with their work. How the heck am I going to process geometry fast when I barely know how to do geometry. Teachers should really ask their students if they know what they are talking about. Or else, those teachers don’t pay attention of what I am doing.

Geometry affected me, I was really ticked off when I heard that geometry was going to be in the CRCT. If I don’t know it, I should do something about it. Not sit around waiting for the CRCT to come. That’s just playing dumb. Just like the donkey “jackass”, he’s being dumb all the time. Darn it, school had Science. I really dislike Science. Like seriously, I would go crazy if I had to take chemistry (Which I am in the next 4 units). Man, school sucked today. But, playing outside was such a relief. When my friends Alicia and Nickolaus were playing outside with my sister, I was playing funny so I told them I was going to bag them if they threatened my sister. Now, I am the toughest person in my neighborhood. So if you hear that I challenged you to a fight, you would completely be speechless. That’s exactly what Alicia did, she ran away. But Nickolaus ran with her, not because he was scared, because they both are couples (as they say). When me and my sister were alone, we were singing God songs and after that, a lady called Ms. Kasey came to me and gave me 4 sodas, cookies and peppermints. Yah! God answered our songs! He really does love us.

April 22, 2010
Oh my gosh, Earth day completely pissed me off. I had to wake up around 4 in the morning and start getting brushed and washed. Just to let you know, it’s not fun when you have to wake up around 4 in the morning to do your daily chores. It just doesn’t feel comfortable. When my mom woke up, I had to act like I was in bed. Because she doesn’t know that I sometimes do my chores in the middle of the night. The technique I did was going to bed, putting several blankets around me, act like I was sleeping and 5 minutes later I act like I just woke up. The plan worked, and almost backfired. My mom left to go to work. So I tried to go on the computer to see my blog. So, guess what happened? It entirely blocked all the internet access. If I searched for my blog online, it would say “Comcast Required”. What the? I went to go wake my dad up. He said I’ll get to it, but in the next 10 minutes I saw him still sleeping in his bed. So, I said this was important and he got out of bed. The internet was blocked and my dad took awhile to figure out what was the problem. So, I completely missed the 8:00 am elluminate. I also wasn’t able to get to my blog. Darn it!

Earth day just starts getting better and better. Sorry this is all. See ya!


10 comments on “Bright Sunshine! + Dumb Internet

  1. Gil says:

    Hey Andrew,
    I see you’r doing well – life, views, ect….
    I feel bad about taking you off NeopetsValley….
    And talking to you like I did….
    And although at the time it seemed right….
    I now see it was wrong….
    So I’d like to say that I’m sorry….
    And hope you’ll forgive….
    For this friendship can still go on….

    So what do you say? Apology accepted? I’ll put you back on NV if you’d like although it’s been really inactive. And I can add you onto my blogroll at FVV if you’d like, no matter if you forgive or not.

    • Andrew says:

      I have been doing well… dude, it’s ok if you were mean to me. I deserved it.
      Well, how your talking was pretty rude (especially since it was non of your business).
      Well, thanks… I wasn’t really waiting for you to find out what you did wrong. :mrgreen:

      I have forgiven you… dude you are my second best friend. You were the second guy I ever met. I want to be friends still.

      Apology accepted… I think I learned my lesson. I don’t want to be back on NV. I would like you to add me to your blogroll. I post everyday. So, check everyday! 😉

  2. sasammygirl says:

    Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting much… I was meaning to but time gets away from me. Don’t fear I also have always had difficulty with the subject of math.

    BOTTOM LINE: It doesn’t get better. :/

  3. Gil says:

    Same here, Andew 🙂

  4. PiplupU says:

    Woah! Nice post xD I’m going to add you to my blogroll. 😛

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