New Day!

April 20, 2010
Oh, Tuesday is my second favorite day because I get to watch “the Big Bang Theory” and “Lost”. I also love Tuesday because I get to study Science. What’s not to like about Science? Yeah, right. Today, I woke up around 4:21 in the morning. I felt energetic and awake. But, I felt like I needed to use something. I had nothing to use, I was just sleeping on my coach with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Even though I had cards next to me, I still couldn’t use it. It was still dark outside. I mean like REALLY dark. The only light I could see was the bathroom light. I was a little scared in this kind of dark. Especially, when I was imagining one of these Lost characters were bleeding. That was freaky! I couldn’t find the image, too bad… I am really ticked off.

I only figured out the time through my sister’s school computer. After that, I went back on the coach to sleep, but the coach totally lost comfort. I constantly felt bumps on my spine. I couldn’t take it, I didn’t want muscle cramps. That would mess me up in exercising, because I do Wii-Fit most of the time. Luckily, I had the idea of sleeping on the floor. My mom doesn’t like me sleeping on the floor. But, I bet she didn’t want me to have muscle cramps either, so it’s best if I sleep on the floor. It was a little hard putting the blanket on the floor because the whole blanket was about 7 or 5 feet long and also weighed 21 pounds. Now, I can hold 21 pounds, but it’s not easy holding 21 pounds quiet enough so nobody can hear you. It was also difficult trying to get my brother’s stinking mess of the floor. I decided not to pressure myself, so I put the blanket on top of the mess. I slept nice and quiet. No Muscle Cramps!

My dad woke me up, AGAIN! This time he woke me up around 8:11 in the morning. That meant I was 11 minutes late for my elluminate. Why couldn’t he wake me up around 7 like he did yesterday. Well, it’s not his fault, I forgot to wake up early and he actually spends his time trying to wake me up. So, actually I have to thank my dad. No offense. My dad rocks. Besides my waking up problems, I missed our homework checkup. I didn’t really care, all you have to do is say which answer you put in your homework and you were either right or wrong. I haven’t done my homework yesterday, but I still passed the questions, which gave me the idea that I would’ve passed the test if I took it. Just to keep things strait, I used to dislike my math teacher (Ms. Merced). Until today she stopped ignoring me. I felt so happy that she actually noticed me. She was now taken as one of my friends.

I DID NOT have breakfast until my elluminate was over. I wasn’t in a good mood since my breakfast had to come after a one hour elluminate. So, I expected to have a peaceful breakfast, with no pressure. Basically, my brother didn’t care if I wanted to have good breakfast. So, he just went yelling and running around the house. I was really stressed, so I asked him nicely 3 times to keep quiet. He didn’t get the message. Well, if he won’t listen, he will have to face the angry side of me. I accidentally yelled at my brother too hard, my dad had to tell me to settle this peacefully. So, my morning ended up in chaos (yelling). I wished my brother could taste the stress I have waking up around 4 in the morning and then waking up again around 7. I bet he won’t have any energy to even walk if he started doing that.

My next elluminate with Ms. Duncan went great. But I am going to skip the details. I ended up finishing 2 subjects in 3 hours. What the heck is wrong with me today? Tuesday is supposed to be my day. Not my worst day! I actually finished my school around 3:32 in the afternoon which was a good thing. I passed Social Studies and Math with no sweat. So, I started thinking of taking pictures of the outside world, but the whole parking lot was dark and soggy. I didn’t want to take a horrible picture, but I wanted to give you an example of how soggy it was outside. Here’s the picture…

I felt confused and hypnotized today, so I decided to listen to this song from System of a Down: Hypnotize


7 comments on “New Day!

  1. Gabriel says:

    Second time you have shown up in my google alerts for elluminate. What do you use it for? if you like science, check this out

  2. ImUmPh says:

    Great Tuesday! I like math but not at all. :lol
    Hope your grade will be nice!

  3. Gabriel says:

    Haha sarcasm + text = misunderstandings lol!

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