Monday, A Day I Can’t Take

April 19, 2010
Monday is one of the days that are disliked by most kids. My sister and I dislike Mondays. I could’ve said “we hate Mondays” but that’s a strong word and I don’t enjoy using it. Mondays and Thursdays (in my school) are the busiest days of all. To me, that’s unfair. I get why so much homework is posted on Thursday, but I don’t get why so much work is posted on Monday. Does our school do that because they know that Mondays are bad days? Or they do that so our days feel more miserable? Well, I try to make everyday a good day. So it really doesn’t matter whether I have lots of assignments to do, I try to get that out of the way.

You know right now I just said I try to keep everyday a good day? Today, those rules didn’t apply to me. I had so much stress under my neck and throat this morning. I couldn’t take it. All I could think of was to go back to sleep and try to forget about it. Well, then I didn’t know it was 5 in the morning. So, my dad woke me up at 7:57 in the morning to get ready for my elluminate. Which means I only got 2 hours and 57 minutes of sleep (after the stress issue). Luckily, it was enough to soothe the stress. But waking up around 7:57 in the morning without having breakfast (not even fully awake) feels tiring. I could barely feel my body except my toes since I felt like fire-ants were crawling allover it. In the meantime, (after the elluminate) I got to have breakfast and I was fully awake. After I put my clothes on, I had another elluminate. Now, I was feeling the pressure public schoolers had going to school at 6 or 7 in the morning.

After all the elluminates were completed, I had to take care of my Study Island. I had a few tests studying on “the Cold War” and another test about “the United States 1950-1975”. I failed the Cold War (sadly). It was kind of a problem that had some kind of low effect on me. First of all, I have completed every test in Social Studies (through Study Island), so losing this was like losing a little piece of pepperoni from a pizza. Second of all, it had an effect on me because I was expecting to pass the test. Still, that’s a little portion of how much I cared about failure. Though, I passed the Social Studies test in my actual plan. Yepee!

Now that I am finished with my school, I have other things I needed to take care of. Like, thinking of who to hangout with or deciding what to post at this very moment. Right now, my family and I were watching Charlie Brown and I finally passed a Math test. Soon I am finishing my Math! Yeah!


5 comments on “Monday, A Day I Can’t Take

  1. birddog202 says:

    Hey Andrew Delete this after your done reading it. Well, I am taking off the bt you wanted me to delete. Ok?

  2. Gabriel says:

    cool post! Looks like you are on yourway to being a pro!

  3. Dude, so much AD here, why not clean them all?

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