“Magic Soup” Vault 213 (Part 6)

Is Rukimaya ever going to settle at this point? I don’t think that’s going to happen, because Rukimaya already has a lot of things on his mind. In the meantime, Rukimaya’s parents got back from work. They were devastated when they saw their house destroyed, that house was about $813,012. Though, they had enough money to pay another 4 houses, so why worry?

While Rukimaya’s parents were taking care of the problem, Rukimaya was wanted. So he ran away, there was no place for him to stay. The only place was Vault 213, the most dangerous place in Japan. Rukimaya prayed to God to protect him, he grabbed the Bible and read when Daniel was forced to stay in a den with lions. Until God’s angels protected Daniel. Rukimaya was very sad he had forsaken God for so long, he knew it was his time to die in Vault 213. Besides, Vault 213 was an impossible place to live in, unless you are a caca cole’r or any other ocean beast. Rukimaya felt so stepped on and he didn’t like it. He wanted to bring war to the president. But, God’s angels came up to him and told him he will never feel good about killing someone. It’s best if you let the president live on and feel the greed he has put on. Rukimaya believed God’s angels knew what they were doing, so he went along with it.

Rukimaya wanted nothing to do with the president. He was about to thank the angel, but he disappeared. Then, Rukimaya heard something in the closet, he went closely to the closet and and opened it softly. Rukimaya found nothing in it, just a bunch of clothes. Then, the noise came from somewhere else, Rukimaya was scared. Since it was about 1000 years later from now, the creatures were real. So you couldn’t assume you had the paranoia problem. Ha! Rukimaya found one caca cole’r, it was working for some reason. It usually doesn’t work, it trys to find food. What are they up to?


6 comments on ““Magic Soup” Vault 213 (Part 6)

  1. I apologise, but, in my opinion, you commit an error. Let’s discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

  2. Asop says:

    Sorry, Andrew, I still don’t have spare time to read your Magic Soup series… I really want to read it…. 😥

    • Andrew says:

      I will have a new Magic Soup coming on Sunday. If you want to read the Magic Soup posts click on the Magic Soup category and it will show you all the stories.

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